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what is Bitlanders?

                                              Bitlanders is a social media site like other social interactional websites (facebook,twitter,instagram etc.) in which people are very much secure to share their original content which is only belong to them.But this site is not only giving them to socially interact with others but also to earn something out of it as in this way it is a paying site in which people share the catchy content and earn reward on the content.


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Summing up 

                               summing up bitlanders I would say that I joined bitlanders last year in 2015 and initially,I found it really difficult to manage myself in it but as the time fluency came in the work i just sat back and it all happened very smoothly.One of my closest friend told me about the site and i shared the thought.Once you are at a position in the Leaderboard.It is always icing in the cake but to maintain the position is not less than a challenge.

Refferral Link 

                                referral Link is always available for you to share with anyone else who is interested to join the party and as the successful joining you are able to collect 20% commission of the buzz Score to the newbie for the life time depending on progress.Here is my refferal Linkas Under,

 What to do in it? 

                                        Bitlanders is just like a other social media site where you are updated and the content that is shared in it must be original.There are 4 basic categories in which the 4 types of contents are shared.

1) Movie 

                    The video which is dramatized by you basically belong to you can be uploaded by the time.It may be related to any calibrations,Events,Trip or any tour to a special refreshment place anywhere and it could be anything,but must not be copied from the net.

2) Blogs

                     Blog is related to the information developed on a certain topic which are newly asked and mostly a burning questions these days.It could be any topic nothing specific.But the content must be original and most probably the pictures too if possible.The blogs are submitted for review with the cost of 10 Gems per Blog and when it is reviewed the certain stars are accumulated in the buzz Score is also increased for the next certain days.

 3) Microblogs

                                  Microsblogs related to any information which is not basic shared with the other users and buzzing on the content and comments makes it most visible stand.The information used in it could be any news,suggestion,solution to any problem etc.nothing specific by the time being.

4) Gallery

                       Gallery is related to the pictures that are captures by you from you at any side which is not the property of anyone else to claim can create an albums of different pictures at one time and also can send it for review but only the original content mus be accepted or otherwise rejected.


Bitlanders payment reward system 

                                                                                        Bitlanders is a paying site that is paying according to Bitmiles Loyalty Points once the User is verified his account to the site.He/she can cashout from Bitlanders and the site is now paying in Dollars.Previously, 2 months ago,they were paying in Bitcoins ,as the procedure is same.The Bitlanders is paying in contract with Payza and papal and with a small withdraw of $10 and maximum $100 on achieving the Bitmiles points to each of paying portal.



 Features of Bitlanders 

                                                         There are certain features of Bitlanders.Everyday tasks are made and and completing the daily quests and attaining the buzz Score for the  particular day.On completion of 7th day so on the buzz continues to establish for more days.

Online Global chat 

                                             The one of the best feature of bitlanders is the online global chat through the users are able to chat with each other at one time and you are keep in touch with many users at times.This feature is recently added in and so far it is good to and in the private chat room the users are allowed to share their thoughts privately with each other.sharing the thoughts by typing or exchanging pictures in the private chat.

Spammers in chat 

                                              Recently,The spammers are attacked in the chat room and always by making deals with each other without keeping in view the rules and many of the users are violated the law in this respect and banned with no excuses and some of them temporarily ban for few days.

What is Survey Chat? 

                                                      Survey chat basically refers the chat online and in which the questions are asked frequently about different topics considering the fact the user is in approach with and it is series of questions which may be asked in detailed or in short form.Sometimes those questions have multiple choice questions.


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Bitlanders Survey Chat 

                                                         Bitlanders Survey chat is another feature of in which Hillary is offered to ask some questions on by giving answer to each question pointing out your opinion upon you are about to deliver  bitmiles points which are added to your daily reward within 24 Hours.She brings different topics and with the option very clear written by just clicking the the option it the answer is selected and so on.

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Certain Topics 

                                  There are Certain topics chosen through which the questions are asked to take a closer look about the User whether he/she is interested in the latest news and updates or just for passing the time.

1) Question asked about show biz personalities

2) Question asked about political personalities

3) Question related to Technology

4) Question related to Foreign Policy

20 to 22 question are asked at one time and daily Hillary Summers comes to join the party.I would say it is a good practice and users are aware of the current affairs.


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