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It is really not my intention to hurt anyone feelings but I am busy with unfollow some Bitlanders I have been subbed to. Let me tell you why... Every time I visit my homepage I see a bunch of crap posts:

  • Meaningless quotes
  • Copy paste messages; buzz done...
  • Numbers on a microblog
  • Counting
  • Buzz begging
  • Unexciting fonemic combinations like : jklji.

The main issue is that I can not see the post of the people who do share interesting on my homepage and I honestly don't have the time to scroll endlessly.

We are all here to earn bitcoins and receive buzzes but some people are really too obvious by reminding us of our duty to buzz.... My mama always said......people who ask get No on their request...

Besides, I do not think that's fair for the people that take efforts for their posts. So that's why I made this radical decision.  So I can buzz the things I like.

If you noticed I unfollowed you don't take it personaly.

 Change is difficult but necessary!

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