Posted on at is a digital platform where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership. Rewards are powered by the bitMiles technology, and can be exchanged within the curated shopping section for avatar accessories, or be donated to non-profits on

Each user on bitLanders is a Digital Citizen represented in the ecosystem by an Avatar, with the opportunity to build their portfolio of Digital Real Estate and support social causes.


With bitCharities, bitLanders becomes a cause marketing platform powered by Bitcoin by connecting brands, non-profits and donors. gathers large scale data on its entire user and donor base and shares it at no cost with the participating charities so that they can scale their fundraising efforts with larger corporate sponsors. bitCharities gives back 100% of the donations gathered on its platform to the charities.

While donors can easily, simply, and publicly support a wide range of charitable organizations, brands can align their philanthropic efforts with their customers. bitCharities can engage the first party brand's database and activate them to participate in charitable donations, creating global awareness and a call for action even before any money is spent.

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