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The original Alien film was a real breakthrough. In its time, it gathered an army of fans around the world and became a real classic of the genre.

The assigning of Jean-Pierre Jeunet as a director at that time turned out to be strange, but one must admit that this film really has the mark of this eccentric director.  Action there is almost the same amount as in the first movie Alien, but everything is stranger here. And yet, this part explains a lot of things about the film world and the ability of xenomorphs to adapt. In addition, it is good or bad, but this is the last time Sigourney Weaver appears in this franchise.

The film is a marvel, a well-photographed feast of visual imagery.

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The last fourth part of alien invasion to humanity is called ALIEN RESURRECTION (1997). This part was probably the most discussed and the most despicable because it expanded the trilogy.

Clearly, the film was welcomed by critics, but not in high heights as a trilogy. But as is usually the case with any successful film, a continuation appear one after another. 

Here's one question important for this review: will there be a robot! Yes! Otherwise, I would not write this review. 

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The Plot

200 years after Ripley's death, the company's scientists, after several unsuccessful attempts, were able to clone the new Ripley, now known as number 8, from blood samples. But they were not concerned with the woman, but the queen of the alien that was inside her. 

Of course, Ripley, which we knew, no longer exists. Now she is a woman having super-power, with bare hands able to bend iron. And that's part of the action on a spacecraft when the 12-generation of aliens, much more mutated and more intelligent escape.

The newly revived aliens have become much smarter. The company sends a group of hired smugglers together with Riley to Auriga to launch the automatic returning to Earth machine. When they arrive, they find out that aliens have broken the barrier of security, so humans are in terrible danger. 

Here Ripley feels her relationship with the liens, so it only depends on her to stop Auriga and stop the possible spread of creatures on earth.

 ALIEN RESURRECTION Movie Review - Photo credit: imdb

The Content

Honestly, before watching ALIEN 4, I was in great skepticism. After all, many did not like the film; critics smashed it, and in general, some say that this film buried a franchise about Aliens. But I watched the movie, and this is the case when I don’t understand why they all attacked the movie so much because it’s not so bad.  

The first thing I like about Alien films is that they all logically continue each other and build one story without making new, non-logical expositions. The same is with ALIEN 4: the creators did not come up with a stupid explanation for the ending of a past movie like Ripley did not really die, or it was just a hologram.

No, here the plot is logically arranged. The action takes place as much as 200 years after the death of Ripley, and again greedy members of the Weyland Juhani corporation want to get xenomorphs, and for this, they resurrect Ripley and xenomorph DNA in her, but xenomorphs are not domestic animals, and, therefore, they break out, and the confrontation begins.

 ALIEN RESURRECTION Movie Review - Photo credit: imdb

This is a good move about cloning. I do not understand why many are already raging with him. Cloning, at a slow pace, is even now. The events of the first Alien is in 2100. The events of ALIEN 4 happened even after 250 years. By that time, cloning is likely to become an accessible scientific procedure, so that there is nothing deadly in it.

In this part, there is much more blood than in any other part. Everything is a bit more modern, after all, the technology is now of 1996-1997. Basically, it's the most distant part of the classic three parts. There's more coldness, synthetics, fewer scruples, but I have to admit that there is no less interesting part that makes you feel different.

And personally, I watched the movie being intrigued. The film is very dynamic: chases, shootouts, fights, underwater battles with xenomorphs.

In general, the word creepy can basically describe the entire movie. There are a lot of really creepy scenes. The film is also very intriguing because the characters must escape from an isolated station, and there are not so many escape routes. And again, I watched the movie with goosebumps, especially the last moments when they could not cope with the control of the ship. 

Alien franchise - ALIEN RESURRECTION  - Photo credit: kevinfoyle.wordpress

Well, the culmination of the film is that vile, creepy, scary scene with a monster who sees Ripley as a mother. For some reason, many people call this monster nonsense, but in reality, the scene is quite creepy, especially how this monster ended. I do not remember this in the franchise so that somewhere there was such a disgustingly attractive scene.

The filmmakers were particularly able to show the tragic fate of Ripley. For the sake of saving people who have become strangers to her, she was forced to finish with her own Son. I consider this scene to be the strongest in the film; it’s goosebumps. Somehow it was a sad moment.

The ending is really quite touching and puts a full point in the entire history of Ripley's travels. 

Alien franchise - ALIEN RESURRECTION - Photo credit: sensacine

The Characters

What fundamentally the fourth part is different from others? Heroes are now a kind of supermen. Each of them is incredibly charismatic. Losing any of them is very, very pity. 

Years of fighting monsters made her a steel lady who is no longer afraid of anything, even death. Death is paradise, compared to the life next to the hellish creatures that she experienced and to which she does not want to return. But insidious scientists decided for her and she, despite her wishes, survived, becoming half man-half monster, but despite the fact that Ripley is a stranger in the human world, she is determined to live on and help others to survive.

So Sigourney Weaver is again in combat form five years after the last part. But she plays a clone of the original Ripley. But as DNA stores memory, so she gradually recollects some moments from her past life. True, she received also some super power and connection with strangers. Ripley now seems somewhat different. She is growing alien inside, but she preserves the mind and makes cold-blooded decisions.

Science fiction film ALIEN RESURRECTION - Photo credit: imdb

The DNA of a man and a stranger were mixed, causing Ripley to stop being herself. She became cynical, cruel, angry, and instead of the girl's blood, acid flows. The military understandably looks at the girl with suspicion, and the scientists smile happy watching the behavior of Ripley, obviously cherishing the hope that from Ripley can be made an ideal soldier. 

Winona Ryder as an Android is a kind of antipode of Ripley, but according to the film, they are close, close to the fact that one was a man and the other is trying to become one.

Ripley : [after discovering Call is a robot]  You're a robot?

Johner : Son of a bitch! Our little Call's just full of surprises.

Ripley : I should have known. No human being is that humane.

Credit: imdb

Winona Ryder played a girl who is very similar in character to Ripley, an Android of the latest generation. They are both strangers, and it brings the heroines together. Rider, as well as Ripley, is not afraid of anything, she is ready to sacrifice herself, just to prevent the arrival of xenomorphs on Earth.

In ALIEN 4, there are no good personalities. The new arrivals turn out to be mercenaries and pirates, who earn on slaves market. Crazy scientists, stupid military men, the alien womb - Ripley, who looks at the surrounding with the predator's eyes, as well as stars' pirates. We do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to assume that it’s time to expect a slaughterhouse.

Ripley and Android Call in ALIEN 4 - Photo Credit: wallpaperup

Dominique Pinon very organically fit into the role of flight engineer Vriess. Despite the physical shortcomings (the hero Pinon is confined to a wheelchair), he is ready to give a decisive fight to alien creatures

Inimitable Ron Perlman in the role of a drunkard and brawler Johner - a special highlight of the film. We appreciate his black dirty humor. Separate Respect to Dan Hedaya- brilliantly embodied the episodic, but the very characteristic and atmospheric role of General Perez. And of course, how in such a film without a crazy doctor - in his role as J.E. Freeman.

I also finally saw a kind of worthy aliens, namely those aliens as they should be. Fast, ingenious, deadly, instilling absolute fear and beating right on target. It is clear that, due to their capabilities and objective reasons, Ridley Scott and James Cameron were not able to show them in all their glory in their time, but Jean-Pierre Jeanne was able to do this, so I just watched and enjoyed.

Alien franchise ALIEN RESURRECTION - Photo credit: fallenrocket.blogspot

The Actors 

The actress and the producer of the last part Alien 3, Sigourney Weaver, did not want to play in the fourth part for a long time because she thought that Alien trilogy is an inviolable masterpiece and there should be no further development because the main heroine dies in hot lava. The most she feared that Ripley's character will be resurrected in the future many times and there will be no end to this. But after reading the fourth part of the script, the actress agreed to film in the fourth part.

All in all, the magnificent Sigourney Weaver played impressively. Over the course of four films, she had to change roles several times. Despite that she played one heroine, she still experiences strong changes in every part. In this picture, she superbly managed to portray a cold and calculating hybrid and, at the same time, a responsible person and a sensual mother.

Science fiction film ALIEN RESURRECTION - Photo credit: imdb

In the film, another beloved actress, Winona Ryder, appears to play the role of a very strange girl who hides a secret within her. She perfectly got into the image of an Android, trying to behave like a man. With her rather unusual role as a human robot,  she coped brilliantly and unwillingly you begin to empathize even with her.

Also, in the film, we see Ron Perlman, Dan Hedaya, Raymond Cruz, and others.

The Technical Side

The action movie ALIEN 4  is filmed by all the canons of expensive Hollywood fiction.

The special effects are the best thing that happened in the fourth movie. Aliens are now swimming underwater, running and jumping, as it should be in a classy blockbuster. The only pity is that this is critically low in order for the film to be perceived as a natural continuation of the series, and not a forced thing, shot for money and nothing else.

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It feels like horrific xenomorph monsters are about to leave the screens. Not a single trace of computer graphics, you will not see how not to try. There is not a hint of unnatural, rubbery created creatures. Such realism can really hurt the psyche of an unprepared viewer who has never seen the rest of the saga.

Everything was shot in acid yellow-green colors. Darius Khondji's camera solution to shoot in the spirit of fashionable action films with running around, shooting, and frequent change of shots, closer to the middle, ceases to distract attention from the plot itself. 

The film is stylish, juicy, and mobile; there are many memorable, cool, greatly performed and shot scenes. With a budget of $ 75 million, this is the most expensive film in the series.

The expressive musical theme of John Frizzell fully conveys the mood of the film.

ALIEN RESURRECTION - Cloning Chamber - Video credit: youtube

On A Final Note 

All in all, I think that all four parts of 1979-1997 allowed to cover a huge period and see how every six years the new part was introduced and allowed not only S. Weaver to evolve and mature but, in general, science fiction film.

This part also affected me, enchanted and allowed me to enjoy. I don't think it is worse than hits first parts, as many may say. ALIEN 4 is a very dynamic, interesting thriller film that skillfully holds intrigue, creates an atmosphere of hopelessness and “enemies around us.”

I liked that the creators put some sense into this part. For example, the topic of bioethics was touched upon, using the example of cloning and experiments on living people, as well as the topic of tolerance using the example of Ripley and synthetic Android Call, and her relationships with other members of the team.

 Clon Ridley with Android Call in ALIEN 4 - Photo credit: blog.naver 

It is very sad that the film of Jean-Pierre Jeunet was the last in the lineup of the story begun by Ridley Scott. 

 Has a bold, inventive style that occasionally compensates for story weaknesses. And, admittedly, there's a certain visceral appeal to the action sequences.

Credit:  metacritic


My rating: 7.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes: 42/100
Metacritic: 63/100
Critics average: 39/100
IMDb: 6.2/10

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