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what is Bitlanders?

Bitlanders is a Social Media website that pays and it is a place where you can see and write the catchy content and even create your own and the most quality content is always praised and the buzz rate goes higher and higher for a particular period of time.


What is Buzzscore?

Bitlanders judges you on the social media wether you are going higher or not where to do and what to do but fair and it is according to your social reach and the dailt tasks you make and quality content you post and other people likings and dislikings depends upon the BuzzScore the More Buzz Score is higher the reward is also at higher rates so basically they both are correlated with each other.

Treasure Box

At 6 pm in evening everyday the big treasure box appears at the time of log in the site by clicking on the box it reveals the earnings as the reward given by the Bitlanders everday which is shown in the picture below.


Bitlanders deals in bitcoin which is another digital currency around the world there are lot of exchagers avalable to convert in the bitcoins in the respective currency and rate is also varies according to the countries.

User Oriented System

Bitlanders is easy to use because just clicking in you can enter in the site and do what you wish to.It is User oriented because other sites like Facebook the privacy settings are not too strong and also the payment policy is so simple that anyone could be gone through.Instead of using picture Avatars are used wkershich can be customized at any time on choice.

Unique and Expandable

Bitlanders is prevailing and there is no limit of it.It is expanding day by day because of the users and it is so comfortable to start and even more easy for the new comers and moreover, interaction with the people around the world not only likings and dislikings of the content but also it is easy to make contact with the Filmmakers,Photographers and the Graphic Designers.It is the easiest way to do it to make your content worthwhile.

Reward For the quality content

We spend our precious time on making attractive profiles and send our private information and also share the post and even like it as well and companies make profit and use that information for their advertisement means.

Bitlanders gives you the reward on which the time you shared the quality content with others around the world and bitlanders is paying us for our quality content shared with others.

What is Spam?

The sending of the message that is already used by the other officiating companies for the purpose of is economical because the senders bears no cost rather the person at the receiving end.So say no to spam.

Spam according to bitlanders

 While using bitlanders there are different rules which we have to obey as a user so use your own quality content and post something that is catchy in the eyes so that the other users who are watching must buzz your content ans share a general information related to your own creativity and writing a blog post in which opportunity is given to write on any particular topic you like the most by following the rules.

Apart from it you write the 5 star blog and on other hand not only you are getting the powers ups but also influencing others to write the quality content and impressing them them to buzz automatically but not making deals.

Buzz Deal

There is another way of spam making deals with other friends and users to buzz my content i will do the same on yours which unnecessary.For this purpose the content must be chosen with respect to quality and make sure don't copy it from internet and post in the each and every corner of the categories.

Effect of the rule Positive Notion 

This positive move has been made in this regards by the management of Bitlanders which is good in respect of the Users.Some of them as I feel should be discussed as under.

Positive Impact

This kind of work impressing a positive impact and has a 99% time saving.

 No buzz Deal

In the chat room where chatting with the friends we started using it in a negative way while asking for buzz as "I buzzed You You buzz me the same" rather posting the impressive content so that the person on the receiving end see it and automatically buzz it.

No subscription for buzz 

People use to ask for the buzz when they subscribe and in this way it stops the spam.This creating a chaos in bitlanders Community which is not a best thing for the site.On the other hand if the subscribers who are not working is just a wastage of time for the site and not giving the earnings to the it minimizes the effect of more subscribers.

Spam is Demolishing rules 

If a Users in the chat is asking for the subscription so it is the breakage of rule which is counted as a foul and spam as well and it was kind of final warning for the users if they do the same the user will be banned for one day complete and not been able to make the quests for one particular day.Simple if we follow the rules just to subscribe a person to make friends and do not ask for buzz just completing the task and buzz the special content so it will be better for the site as well as the user.


 Automatic Subscription

Automatic subscription is made when you continuously buzz a person and he/she follows you and buzz your content rather than mentioning in the MicroBlog to buzz me for the buzz I made. 


Don't tag me in microblogs which another way of creating spam.

Global Chat Spam

Global chat is positive corner which has been nearly introduced. The purpose of the chat room is to chat with number of people in one time.But we are using it as a spam for the site.Asking for the buzz and sub which is totally wrong and not in favour of the site and on the higher level maketing and advertisement section.So better use it in a positive way and interaction with the people reveals other things and in this way promotion of the relevant subject you have is possible and also time saving as well.


 Sum up

Dear friends, sum up it in a positive way, spam is negative because if we break the rules we deserve to be punished even this platform is rewarding us day by day which is great.Following the rules and regulations which is in favour of the site and also in favour of users.


Don't sub the person on demand.

buzz the quality content.

Make friends and stay away from spam.

No tags related to sub me and buzz me.

 Update the quality content which belongs only to you.




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