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As a lot of you know that BitLanders is a social media platform, just like any other social media platform but it pays to its contributors by blogging, posting videos, sharing the content, etc. But, a lot of friends in my circle ask me this question a lot of time: Why does BitLanders pays so less for contributions?

I want to actually ask them: What do you exactly do here that you must be paid in high amount? As the old users and who I call "pro" must have noticed that the new users join BitLanders, and start spamming. Multiple posts in one moment and so much so that the one who subbscribed them, gets tired of watching their posts all over the wall. Please dear BitLanders, do not take this platform as an easy-money-making-platform - nothing is free or nothing is easy - it takes time to earn a respectable amount and it depends how hard you work, and not only that, how qualitative work do you give out here.

These new users do know that their work is not as attractive as they might think (or maybe they do know it is not), yet they keep asking why BitLanders does not pay so good and telling us that this website is no good. Well, you know this is not right! The ones who work hard, are being rewarded and I am one of the examples and I am really happy to be on BitLanders.

I want to tell this to the new users that when you have joined BitLanders, please write a blog that is informative and it should not be plagiarised - it must be your own thought - then submit the blog. If your blog has weight in it and the BitLanders team thinks it is up to the mark, you will not only have higher buzz score but a higher payment as well.

But the sad part is, these new users come, work for two days and then relax and watch for revenue to come. This is not the way - it is not a revenue machine that you write for two days and then forget to update your wall, add blogs, or videos, etc. Please quit complaining that it is not a good site because I have been on here for over a couple of years now and I know how it works. I also want to say this to new users: Please, work hard, it should be your own and do not be despair at all as hard work never goes in vain!

If I can be of any help to anyone of you, especially very new users, please do subscribe me on THIS LINK. Please, also CLICK HERE to read my interview at BitLanders for more tips on how to schedule your time on BitLanders to earn more. Thank you very much!

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I am Abid Khan. I am currently studying at 11th Grade and I love to make short movies and write blogs. Subscribe me to see more from me.

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