Bitlanders Basics (How To)

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Bitlanders Basics

Hi Readers!
This taturial contain some basic concepts about bitlanders.
Many of the Bitlanders user when open bitlanders
they Know that what to do on bitlanders but,
they looks confuse that how to do work on Bitlanders.

Acctuly when i suggest this wonderfull site to someone
he go through the registration procces and keep on asking
many of the Basic qoustions like:

How to upload picture,image on bitlanders.
How to upload video or movie in Bitlanders.
How to Creat a Blog on Bitlanders.
How to creat a microblog on Bitlanders.

Readers Its normal if you are a newbie on online jobs,
you must have these qoustions in your mind.

so i'm here with answers of all these qoustions,
I made Video taturials about how to do these tasks
as well as screenshot Taturials.
you can go their by clicking over the related link.

Video Taturials :


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