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About ten months ago, bitLanders introduced Global Chat. It is a where each bitLanders user can ask, discuss, react and communicate instantly with all the bitLanders users who are online globally because bitLanders users are based on different countries. It was referred to as Private Chat back then by Michael-Slanted-Salerno.

Chatting is not new, it has been here with the world wide web for quite some time. It isn't also new to the world or to the earth although the chat online was available to netizens for few decades now, chatting or simply interacting with certain people around you has been present in our society and each of our community. Perhaps the difference between the before and the now is the global set up of users and people.


The Birth of Chat

Way way way before, just before the days of the computers and networks and as well as the world wide web, humans go to have chat with another human being of course. Chat, this four letter word actually means an informal conversation. There's an unending list of places or spots where one can have a chat or an informal conversation with another person. Examples of these are clubs, malls, pubs, tea houses, coffee shops, cigar houses, eateries, restaurants and a lot lot more.

Now as the technology started to evolve and became really modernized, chat rooms became a hit to not just communicate with the person next to you or the group at work or at school but it has also paved its way to be used as a way of faster and easier global communication.


Chat Rooms

The term "Chat rooms" became really popular.

Chat rooms , these are anywhere where a a number of friends or acquaintances go to discourse around for quite sometime through the help of the internet. It also had opened the gates of international chatting and instant convos to the other parts of the world without having to wait for hours or days to receive a response back.

Basically, the main reason why chat rooms were made was for people to be able to meet at a time without having to go out or move out from a certain place. Chat rooms are also created for certain group of heads which share the same passion or interests. But this doesn't limit to these certain types of labels too, chat rooms are also a way of meeting new people and even developing close relationships with these strangers eventually.


bitLanders' Erstwhile

Before the start of the Global Chat days, bitLanders users who had been here for quite sometime like me who had been here for two years had used bitLanders without the help of the Global Chat for communication. We do have found ways to communicate within the website without this chat room and let me list down these three ways:




Well, if you are not aware of this option, you may navigate over to the gear icon on the top left hand side of your bitLanders page, click it and you'll find Inbox on the list of options.

Inbox has been unknown to most and I would understand that because we don't really like checking emails and I consider the Inbox as a sort of email communication. It isn't instant.

But then before the Global chat emerged, Inbox has been there and it will stay here I guess for a long long time, perhaps until the end of the bitLanders site. But I must admit that I as well don't spend much time with the Inbox functionality. Although I check it sometimes, I reply too very seldom and would use it only just to communicate to some users for special matters. 

However, I know the Inbox was a simple and at the same time great way to communicate with users within the bitLanders world. 




Content Post Comment

Because Inbox is just too slow for communicating, users here had instead found another way which is an effective grounds of communication. That is no other than posting comments!

Of course commenting is one way of also expressing your idea of the content. It adds hits to a specific post may it be microblog, gallery, movie or blog itself. It gets our ideas sent to the writer or the author of the said content and commenting had been used by the bitLanders users to interact with each other.

Questions and reactions are sent through typing the characters on the comment box but it won't allow more than 160 characters so that's a down side. But before and even until these days, commenting on posts is still the best way of communication with the help of the notifications. 





Here's a brilliant way of an effective communication through comments. When someone comments a specific post to react or state his or her mind on the matter posted, the author might or might not be able to read it depending if the author would really read the comments.

However, with tagging, a notification will be sent to the author whenever someone uses the @ sign with the author's name and that will be an effective way of communicating. Once the author checks his notification area, surely the tagged comment will also be available there for him to check on.

This way, the contact will be easier but there is still lag and mishap on this area. Which is why the Global Chat came into picture.



bitLanders' Inception of Global Chat

Whilst we have the Inbox which had been used as our primary way of communication before the kick start of Global chat, it is still an issue of instant communication because of number one reason, the Inbox isn't just too friendly and responding to messages becomes tiring specially with the event of redundant messages. Here's an expanded list of my top three reasons as to why communicating through Chat is an effective communication tool.


~ Instant Communication ~

For all other chat available in the entire world wide web, it has been proven and tested that using it provides the users with instant communication given that the connection is stable and fast.

With bitLanders, the same story goes. With the use of Global Chat, we as users are able to send out phrases, words or sentences to show our reaction or impression on a certain manner.

Through the innovating team of bitLanders, these improvements have given the users the way of communicating without waiting for awhile, without lags or mishaps, without missing a message or late reaction to certain ideas.

As long as one is online and the other is available too, you can send immediate responses and get an instant message at the same time too! Plus the Global Chat shows now if the person is typing for a response which makes it even more user friendly!


~ Efficient for Multitasking ~

One of my favorite reasons why the Global Chat is a god way of communication is because of how one can multitask while chatting.

A user like me can chat with someone in the Global chat or even personal chat with another user as one on one communication while browsing through my own bitLanders news feed. This is definitely efficient way as it streamlines with the activities that we can do with bitLanders.

As a matter of fact, while I am typing this article right now, I have the bitLanders Global Chat opened and was able to get to interact with some of the users who are online.

Whilst it can be opened in a small window, we as users also have our option to maximize the chat window so we can see the previous stories and perhaps back read on these items. It is nevertheless the perfect way to utilize the site, chatting while posting microblogs, chatting while writing a blog, chatting while visiting a user's profile and chatting while buzzing. It can never get easier than this!


~ Effective Social Interaction ~

We all know that bitLanders is a social networking site and their number one goal is for the users to enjoy and socialize while also earning in this site. It's a 50 50 situation actually because we can enjoy the life of a social networker while also getting the perks of the activities which we are doing inside the site. May it be bitcoin, PayPal or payza, as long as we are earning, we are benefiting from the site.

Now, although the site itself has its own way of socialization through microblogs, posting images, publishing our blogs about anything and everything about the sun like travel entries, movie reviews, science topics or education or even the personal stuffs as well as technology, the Global Chat is still the reigning top and best way to socialize.

There was a time in the world wide web and I believe as well that this is still available. Chat rooms have been available for people who want to meet other people from different countries and nations. Global Chat offers the same service.

It may have its down side since users here had taken advantage of it as a way of dealing buzzes and those sorts but it has not taken its main agenda of socializing. It is still the best and most effective way of exchanging messages to each and every user. In fact, through Global Chat, there are love items that had emerged from just being totally strangers.


Innovative Global Chat Now Gives BitMiles

From Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno's blog post on Share your thoughts and Earn bitMiles points with the new bitLanders Survey Chat, a bitLanders user can now not only communicate through Chat, can not just socialize on the Global Chat and can not only share his thoughts on certain matter instantly with the Global Chat room but one can also earn bitMiles points by just answering survey questions from Miss Hillary Summers!

How cool is that?

When I get to learn about this which I am not sure if this is the first of its kind since other social networks don't really offer this specific action, I immediately checked on Global Chat. Although I don't get to go online all the time in the Global Chat, this one made me really curious.

I launched Global Chat and found a few users online, in just a few minutes, Miss Hillary Summers came into the picture and told me that she'll be asking questions. I started answering the questions and surprisingly, 10 bitmiles points are granted to may account in each survey answer!

What I really like about bitLanders is that they are evolving, they are providing users with new stuffs almost every month! I have joined lots of other social networking sites and it is bitLanders which had changed and offered a lot of new functionalities and new options as well as ways for their users to earn more points!

Now there's a greater reason for me to visit Global Chat everyday and would be willingly take advantage of these features which the site is offering. 

And if you are wondering what or how that looks rather, check out one of the videos posted by our co-bitlanders user, jikz:

Let me finish this blog as I still have a lot of survey questions to answer! Ciao!


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