bitLanders Content Review: Blog for Querlo and Earn higher rewards

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Blog for Querlo and Earn higher rewards

We have recently launched a new platform: Querlo, a chatbot with a human touch. We would like you to know more about it and the content it provides. 


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Starting today, all blogs about any Querlo survey chat and inspired by its content that are submitted for review will receive additional bonus rewards. 

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The following is the current reward for rated blogs related to Querlo:

1 star blog: rewards 3 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 1 gem

2 stars blog: rewards 5 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 2 gems

3 stars blog: rewards 8 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 3 gems

4 stars blog: rewards 13 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 4 gems

5 stars blog: rewards 30 Buzz Bonus or 7 Days and 10 gems

To earn this special bonus, one Querlo survey chat must be embedded in your post and it must be related to your content.


Click here to see the list of all Querlo survey chats. They can be embedded in your post by copying and pasteing the embed code in the “Add Querlo Chat” window found on the blog editor, a new feature added on bitLanders. 


The base Buzz Score consists of your rated content score, Influence score(buzz received on the rated contents), sharing score and subscribers score. Besides submitting quality content for review, remember to share Querlo related rated content on social media to increase your sharing score!

See also the new rule about bitLanders Content Review: Citing sources for your blogs.


Happy Blogging!


Please note: this event has ended.


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