bitLanders "Content Review": How are blogs rated?

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How to earn Rewards on bitLanders?

Follow these easy steps:

Write quality blogs


Submit for review and get rated


Buzz Score Increases


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Buzz Score & Rewards

Higher Buzz Score = Higher Rewards

Submit quality blogs for achieving higher Buzz Score in order to earn more Rewards.

The Buzz Score is the index of your current performance on bitLanders.

The Buzz Score contains 2 parts: the base Buzz Score and the Buzz Bonus, and it is what determines how many Rewards you earn on bitLanders. 

The base Buzz Score consists of your rated content score, Influence score(buzz received on the rated contents), sharing score and subscribers score.


Your Rewards are counted in bitMiles Loyalty Points (BM) that can be converted in USD Payments or spent in the shop.

1 gBM = 1,000 kBM = 1,000,000 BM

1 kBM = 1,000 BM

1 gBM = approximately $1


The following is the current reward for rated content:

Rated blogs count into base Buzz Score.

1 star blog: rewards 2 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 1 gem

2 stars blog: rewards 4 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 2 gems

3 stars blog: rewards 6 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 3 gems

4 stars blog: rewards 10 Buzz Bonus for 7 Days and 4 gems

5 stars blog: rewards 25 Buzz Bonus or 7 Days and 10 gems

Rated movies and galleries do not count into base Buzz Score.

1 star movie/gallery: rewards 1 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days and 1 gem

2 stars movie/gallery: rewards 2 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days and 2 gems

3 stars movie/gallery: rewards 3 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days and 3 gems

4 stars movie/gallery: rewards 5 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days and 4 gems

5 stars movie/gallery: rewards 10 Buzz Bonus for 3 Days and 10 gems


What is bitLanders "Content Review"?

blog_reviewbitLanders "Content Review" is a feature which allows users to submit their contents to our editorial team. Once reviewed, submitted contents may receive additional Buzz bonuses depending on their quality. Higher quality contents will receive higher scores and higher bonuses. Currently, only Blog Posts, movies, and galleries may be submitted for review. 

1 submission currently costs 10 gems and 1 gem per star is returned back to you as an extra reward for your quality content. If you get 5 stars, you'll get all 10 gems back!

Please note:

(1) Every blog post must be submitted for review, and it will only be published when rated positively.

(2) Every user gets 3 free submissions. If your blog gets a positive review, not only will your base Buzz Score and Buzz Bonus increase, but you will also get gems for another free submission!

(3) Submitted content can not be edited or deleted. Please only submit when your content is ready for review. 

(4) For more related information, please see our FAQs.


How are blogs rated?

Your submitted blogs will be rated based on the quality of the language, their SEO value, their general appearance and will be assigned a rating between 1 and 5 stars. The more stars you obtain, the more your Buzz Score will go up.


To reach high rating on the blog review, please consider the following criteria:
(1) Tags
(2) Quality and originality
(3) Length
(4) Language used
(5) Presentation and appearance


Find below a list of items that our editorial team looks at when reviewing the blogs, so you know what to work on in your articles:

(1) Tags

- You can use up to 10 keywords relevant to the topic of your article. 

- They should contain both generic and specific tags.

- Make sure you have keywords both in the title and the body of the blog. Make them Bold.


(2) Quality and originality

- Choose a good title for your blog.

- Content must be related to the topic, it should be well written, informative and original.

- An introduction before the article: A brief introduction for your content. It should let the reader know what the post is about and why he or she should continue to read more. 

- Originality: Blogs must be original, written by you, in your own words, and not copied and pasted from another article or website. If you want to include some sentences from the web in your blog, please use quotes (“) and clearly mention and provide the link to the original source.

Please note:

  • Quoted content must be at most 20% of the text of your blog.
  • Publishing a blog post copied from the web (even partially) or with scrambled (nonsense) will result in the immediate termination of your account.

- The SEO value: The post should contain relevant keywords related to the content you are blogging about, and these keywords should blend well with the rest of the text. 

  • Use the keyword in the first paragraph if possible, and at least 3 times in the article.
  • Image description: A good description with important keywords must be included.
  • Related Links - Internal and external links: Link at least 3 keywords to other related blogs and/or videos on bitLanders, and at least 3 links to external sources.


Please note:

  • Meaningless links words to external websites such as dictionaries, unrelated sites is not accepted.
  • Please refrain from linking to the same page too many times in the same blog.


- Content Readability: Use at least two paragraph headings for readability.


(3) Length

- Make sure your article isn't too short (at least 5-7 paragraphs), doesn't only contain pictures or videos.

- A blog with less than 300 words will not be accepted.


(4) Language used

- Well written and doesn't have grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.


(5) Presentation and appearance

- Pictures and videos:

    (A) Add quality pictures and embed videos relevant to your blog's topic. (You can add up to 10 pictures and 2 videos)

    (B) A good description with important keywords must be included.


- Citing sources:

    (A) All the quotes, images and videos used in the submitted blogs must be credited to the creator and original source. This means the provided link must link back to their page, site or original article, where the quote/image/video is located.

    (B) If you’re using your own work in your blog, you should give the credit to yourself.


- Text formatting

   (A) Use at least two paragraph headings for readability.

   (B) Bold, Italics and Underlines should be used properly. 

         (1) Where to use Bold: Important sentences and terms, Highlighting keywords; 

         (2) Where to use Italics: Highlighting keywords, Highlighting phrases, thoughts, conversations, dialogues, Imagination or story, Highlight titles of books, plays, works of art, magazines, periodicals, movies, television shows and radio programs, blogs, newspaper, etc., Emphasize a word in a sentence;

         (3) Where to use Underlines: Links.

Please note:

  • Links are now underlined by default.
  • Your choice of style should be consistent across the whole blog.


 *Important notes: The presentation score will be penalized in the following cases

(A) You embed Images or videos without properly citing the source.

(B) Embedded images or videos do not display properly or fail to load.

(C) Images on Google are hosted on various websites, so images credit to are not accepted. This also applies on videos found on, and text content found on

(D) Watermarked Images and any image which may be subject to copyright are not accepted and shall be deleted. For example: Images on sites like iStock and Shutterstock have licenses which require that you pay money in order to use them.

(E) Your choice of style is not consistent across the whole blog.


Why is your blog rejected by our editorial team?

Publishing a blog post copied from the web (even partially) or with scrambled (nonsense) will result in the immediate termination of your account.

Additionally, your blogs may be rejected in the following cases:

(1) The language used in the blog is of poor quality.

(2) The blog is less than 300 words long.

(3) Generally bad or poor quality. 

(4) Meaningless links words to external websites such as dictionaries, unrelated sites. 

(5) Pictures of minors. bitLanders is public blogging website and to protect your privacy and that of your family we cannot accept pictures of minors. 

(6) The quoted content in your blog is more than 20% of the text.

(7) The blog contains links related to piracy, such as pages for downloading and watching movies.

(8) Linking to the same page too many times in the same blog.


Happy blogging!

- Micky 


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