Bitlanders Earnings - November 2015

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Since it is the end of the month of November, I am posting this blog.


To everyone who have sent me a message and asked if there is money here in bitlanders, I am sharing again my monthly earning starting today so that this can serve as our inspiration to refer bitlanders to our friends and family who also want to earn money as a sideline using the internet.


So here's a screenshot of my November earning.

Note that I had started working again with bitlanders last October 20, 2015. I was on a hiatus because I started with my full time work but later on after I realized that I can still manage to be active in bitlanders while also working full time, I decided to come back.


Glad that I still have space here in bitlanders. I am thankful that I can share my sideline blessing to my family and this amount which I had just cashed out today will be for my brother's medicines.


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