bitLanders featured on Payments Source as the future of Bitcoin in an article by Bailey Reutzel

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We at bitLanders are very proud and excited to be featured on   in an article about the future of Bitcoin and social media.

In her article, journalist Bailey Reutzel presents the future of Bitcoin for 2015 and predicts huge opportunities for the digital currency thanks to social media:

"The digital currency movement is headed into 2015 still looking for a "killer app" to pull Bitcoin out of obscurity. Mixing Bitcoin's technology with the virality of social media could be the winning ticket."

Payments Source's article also presents bitLanders and Women's Annex as platforms accepting Bitcoin to reward their users and protect their identity, combined with an anonymous registration "which allows people to sign up without giving their email address or verifying other forms of personally identifiable information."

Read the full article here below:


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