bitLanders 'How To' Guide - How to earn & redeem rewards

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What is bitLanders and how is it different from other social platforms?

How to increase your BuzzScore and Rewards?

How to Redeem your Rewards?

This is a guide for all newbies and users seeking to improve their score on bitLanders and earn more.


What is bitLanders? 

bitLanders is a free social platform that rewards its users for their content and social activity. On bitlanders, users can post content (videos, blogs, images, micro-blogs), and chat, exchange and connect with other users.

bitLanders believes that its users’ content and their time online has value and is worth being rewarded.

bitLanders uses BitMiles technology as a global rewarding system to reward its users wherever they are in the world utilizing Digital Assets like Bitcoin.

bitLanders believes in giving back to the community. In addition to spending their rewards online or redeeming them, users can donate them to a list of participating charities.


How to earn Rewards on bitLanders?

The BuzzScore is what determines how many Rewards you earn on bitLanders. There are different ways to increase the BuzzScore, and earn Rewards:

1. Upload quality content such as:

- Micro-blogs: Post short status updates, questions, thoughts, pictures, etc.
- Blogs: Write quality blogs.
- Movies: Upload quality videos.
- Photo Albums: Upload your pictures.

2. Submit your content for review. Click here for tips to submit high quality content.

3. Receive Buzz from other users.

4. Fulfill tasks and quests: Check the Quests Box and Daily Quests box at the top right of the content feed and make sure you fulfill all of them regularly to earn extra Buzz Bonuses.

5. Invite friends: Through your Earn More page, you can invite friends to register. Once they do, you earn 3 Buzz Bonuses for 2 days and 20% of their Rewards for life. You can also invite friends through the Facebook invite on your content feed, you will be rewarded with 20 satoshis right away and 3 Buzz Bonuses for 2 days once they join as well!

6. Earn daily Buzz bonuses: A Buzz Bonus (direct powerup) is a temporary bonus acquired through daily specific activities. It often lasts for 1 day.
- Daily Login Bonus: You will receive +1 Buzz Bonus everyday when you log in on bitLanders! (up to +7 per day)
- Content Treasure Bonus: By reading, watching and buzzing quality content, you may discover hidden treasure that will give you +1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day!

7. Donate: By donating part of your Rewards on, you can get up to 3 Buzz Bonuses for 7 days which will increase your BuzzScore and overall Rewards.

8. Buy avatar accessories: Visit the shop to acquire avatar items that will earn you extra Buzz Bonuses.

9. Play FlapPig (For IOS, click here to download; For Android click here to download


By following all those tips, your BuzzScore will increase, you will earn more Rewards and reach the top. And be active on the chat to learn from the top users.


How to redeem your Rewards?

Go to your Rewards page and click 'withdraw' to redeem your earnings.


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