bitLanders in a CoinBrief article by Christopher Marsh: Bitcoin Meets Social Media

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We at bitLanders are very proud and excited to be featured on   in an article by Christopher Marsh, Bitlanders: Bitcoin Meets Social Media.

After a brief introduction about Bitcoin, the article presents bitLanders as "a fun, easy way to get bitcoins," and proceeds to a quick rundown of the platform, from the BuzzScore to how to succeed on bitLanders whether you are a webmaster, social media expert or celebrity.

"Celebrities who promote Bitlanders should also be able to take advantage of the mass following they have which in turn will generate traffic to their social media profile and gain bitcoins every day. Not once a week, nor once a month, but every day. This is how Bitlanders could become the next major social media platform..."

Read the full article here, and follow them on bitLanders.

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bitLanders is a digital platform whose entire user base earns bitcoin for their content and social activity. The goal of bitLanders is to promote worldwide access to the genius of Blockchain technology in a fun, unique, and safe environment. bitLanders users build and engage content (videos, blogs, photos, advertisements). The…

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