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I am a member of Pinterest and what's  cool and exciting with Pinterest is the power of sharing  expecially of  images, blogs , videos and micro- blogs .

What is also so powerful  now are there features  now as you can see at the image above ( the map)   you can put a  map  side by side with your pins.  Imagine that we can put the individual members place on the map, so powerful.  Not only that with your Android phone you can also send  a pin to whom you would like to send.. think about all of the works that your doing on bitlanders that you can share.  (watch the video below )

In pinterest a lot of pins are all taken from web but the difference with bitlanders the images  are original so its a big factor where the world will see all originals from bitlanders members.  Whooo , i  cannot wait to share a lot to the Pinterest are you not excited....Keep it up . Buzz this blog, if you have a comment do post it and share though my account with pinterest atutomatically are shared with twitter and facebook.






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