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With just two days more before I complete the second month of continuous activity in Bitlanders,  I find myself wondering how the time has gone by so quickly. It only means one thing, that I am enjoying my journey with a new found place. 

It was not long ago when I wrote about my first-month journey sharing some experiences, the hurdles as well as the lessons that I learned which helped me grow and developed to be a better individual than I was before. I kept everything that I learned during my first month using those as my guide on the following month's journey. I know I still need to learn more things in order to fulfill my goal.

My first-month success has served as a motivation for me to work even harder. It also serves as an inspiration to some of my friends. Many of them decided to join Bitlanders too, while others who were old members,  decided to come back.  I always share every little triumph with my friends so that they too, can experience the same success that I have.  

I mentioned during my previous blog how I jumped from rank 33,197 up to rank 4 which is more than my goal of reaching at least the top 30 position. An achievement I am truly proud of. You can read more about it here.

I won't be holding you for long for such lengthy introduction. Let's start with the main topic...Okay here's what happened during my second month... 

Just when I thought everything will come smoothly, here comes a problem...

I Lost $8.45 Dollars from my Account!

Before the end of my first month, I already crossed the minimum amount in order for me to request a payment. That was after I purchased some gems which I needed in order to submit a blog post for review. I was saving for $25.00 so even if I already have more than $10.00 on my account, I did not request for payment yet. But on the 21st of September, I found out that I only have more than 6 dollars on my account. A big amount was missing! 

After several days, I found this email message in my email account:


Image Credits: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

I was so upset even though I already read about the rules that those rewards unclaimed after a year will be forfeited but I didn't expect it since I have been here for more than a month. Well, rules will be rules and we are bound to follow. 

Instead of whining over the lost fortune, I continued with my activities and decided to be more active. Gaining more friends from the site and being able to get more referrals, helped me increased my Buzz Score. 

My hard work seems to materialize and I have achieved the following milestones: 


1. Reached the 2nd Top Rank in the LeaderBoard

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on the 2nd rank. I was juggling between the 3rd and 4th ranks and suddenly, after the approval of several blog posts, I have seen my name on the 2nd rank.

This was enough to completely divert my attention from the lost amount and continue with my work. 



2. Reached 43 Referrals


Image Credits:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


My marketing skill is still reliable and my styles and strategies are still getting some results, good results. I use several sites to share my referral link but Facebook is still the highest referral-generating tool for me. 

Almost 85 percent of my referrals came from Facebook. Proper timing and appropriate posts are some of the best ways in order to get the attention of Facebook members. I haven't tried paying for the promotion my posts yet which I am planning to do in the near future. I am still saving fund for the promotional campaign.

As of now, I am still contented with the result of my campaign strategy and will stick unto it until such time that I would be needing to pay for the promotion. 

3. Received My First and Second Payments

One of the best achievements that anyone is waiting in order to say that they were successful on their chosen field is receiving the payment and I personally proved the site on that aspect. 

Since I was afraid that anything unusual might happen again, I decided to request payment when I already earned than then 10 dollars. I hit the request button and started to wait. When after several days of not receiving any notification on my account, I decided to check on my Bitlanders inbox to probably find some answers.

My friends @lapiz-lazuli sent a message and I had a chance to ask her about the payment processing. She told me about the email notification and that was the only time that I remember I hadn't been checking my email for some time. 


Image Credits:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

When I checked my email, the message was there requiring me to submit several documents including selfie.  The reason for the deduction of some amount from my Bitlanders' balance was also there. 

I immediately complied with the requirements and waited for several days. After that instance, I always check my email and after several days, I found a message informing me that my account is validated and I am eligible to receive payment from the site. 


My selfie submitted as part of the requirements for payment

Image Credits:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


I was so happy when I received my first payment in the amount of $10.00 and after a few more days, I was able to request for my second payment in the amount of $25.00. 


My First Payment



My Second Payment

Image Credit:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


4. Rewarded with 5 Stars on a Blog

Receiving comments for my reviewed blogs is one of the most exciting for every Bitlanders member. Whenever I would find the introductory message, "I reviewed your blog...", I would hold my breath to prepare myself for the next statement.

Most often, I would receive comments like chosen tags were inappropriate or not related to the post, poor presentation, or inappropriate photos. 

It was just recently when I received a 5-star rating to one of my blogs. It was a great achievement for me. I am hoping to receive more in the future. 



What Hilary says about my 5-star blog

Image Credits:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders


Because of the positive review, I was awarded higher amount of BUZZ score and gems. One of my happiest moments.


My highest award received, Thank you Miss Hilary! Thank you Bitlanders!

Image Credits:: Sharon Lopez via Bitlanders

5. Increasing BUZZ Score

Because of the regular submission of blog posts and completing the Daily Checklist, my BUZZ Score increased dramatically and this is the reason why I jumped that fast on Top 2 Rank in the LeaderBoard.

On the final thought:

My second-month experience has helped me understand more of the things herein and I am very thankful for my success.

I hope that more and more people will continuously use the site because aside from the fact that there are lots of knowledge that we could get from it, Bitlanders is no doubt, a good source of additional income. The best site I ever joined with my more than 5 years of working online.

Bitlanders is a place of sharing and we should take advantage of this opportunity to learn. Learning how to search within the site for needed information is something that everyone should learn. That is what the tags are used for. Aside from the SEO aspect to have the contents searchable in Google. 

My biggest learning for the second month was the proper creation of content. Based on several comments made by Miss Hilary on my blogs, I realized that I need to improve the way I convey my message and the overall presentation of my article.  I know this would entail a lot of efforts and probably a much longer time and I am working on it. 

Watch this video created by sis AdGoogleKo for additional knowledge about Bitlanders:

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Written for Bitlanders:

by: Sharon Lopez

Thank you for reading. 

Please visit my blog for more articles.

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