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What is
bitLanders is an online film distribution and financing platform that enables filmmakers and
writers to monetize their content.
magine a parallel universe that merges Bitcoin,
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,and WordPress into one content platform AND PAYS YOUbased on your content,your data, your following and your sharing. Welcome to Bitlanders.comwhere a member gets paid for “content gaming” (defined as blogs, films, images, and sharing),and that content is measured for reach, influence, engagement, and quality.The payments made to contributors are in bitcoin, the global digital currency.

The Wall Street Journal stated:

"Film Annex (now will go to an all-bitcoin payment model. The site has made waves with a radical new business modelby which it shares part of its ad revenue with the independent film makers and bloggers that provide its content."it means you will earn in this site,all you nid to is upload any kind of videos that made by you or by posting a blogs.and also don't try to trick the site by using a copy paste blogs.they will detect you waste of time..

The website is not present or blacklisted in trusted security services such as Google Safe Browsing ,Yandex Safe Browsing,Threat Log and Mal ware Domain List.This means the website should be potentially safe to visit and it should not contain ctive threats at least currently, according to the safety reports of third-party and trusted security services.

I already joined in bitlanders and i found out that even if  the members did not post any of blogs or videos that they made but still their status is or the buzz they earned is so high.they gain a points by posting image and microblogs only.


Buzz Score is the level that you gain or the score on the can earn buzz points if your microblog,blogs,videos and pictures buzz by the other member.the more buzz score you have the more you earn.

How you will gain a high BUZZ SCORE?

-Be active post status regulary in your microblogs.(Fcebook style.)
-Post atleast 1 blog and video every day.
-You can also post pictures on gallery.
-Subscribed other order for you to have a follower that will buzz your content.
-Promote your blogs and videos share it on facebook.
-Buzz and comment on your friends wall regularly.

0.2btc or 117.36 dollars ang minimum payout.
Monthly Payment you can also gift card buy gift card on amazon worth of 50 dollars amazon gift card.

if you are interested here is the link just connect it with your facebook or google account.

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