Bitlanders removed our "This Week Posts" for unknown reason and some of us Experience "Big Minus To Our Current Score"

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Hello Everyone! Yesterday (up to this time) We are currently experiencing "This week posts removed" I was wondering why bitlanders removed them, maybe this is just a mistake while applying new updates or it's a kind of a glitch that was bitlanders team are trying to figure it out and fix it to solve this issue, or maybe they intently to removed our week ago posts,


I'm still trying to figure out, if this is intentionally by bitlanders or just a simple mistake because if this is intentionally then maybe this is because of "" (Bitlanders Botters and Spammers) 2 weeks ago, bitlanders suspended and banned over 3000 accounts due to spamming and using bot (to automate bitlanders) maybe this is the way how bitlanders will clear all of the spam posts (or maybe) this is how bitlanders will remove all violators heads on our posts,


Some of us also experienced a Big Minus Jump from our current buzz score, some of us experienced -9, some of us are still same as yesterday, and some of us gained a small increase for our buzz scores,

I was hoping that bitlanders will make an official announcement regarding on this because most of us experienced "Shock? Maybe" for what happened specially to those people who experienced a big minus for their buzz scores,


I'm feel so sorry for those people who had bad experience for what happened yesterday and I hope bitlanders will fix this issue immediately,


Thanks for your time reading this blog posts, Share your opinion regarding on what happened yesterday, what is your conclusion about it? do you think it was an accident or a glitch? or maybe it was intentionally?



Missing / Removed post is just happened on "Microblogs" Section only.

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