Bitlanders Tips and Tricks (Part 8)

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Hi Friends!

Here are many questions people ask,like why my buzz score goes down?i did a lot of buzz even than my buzz score goes down.what are the reasons of less buzz score?how to increase buzz score in bitlanders?tips & tricks on bitlanders.

I'm here to share a useful information about be you observe that when you did a lot of buzz of your subscribers and followers post,instead of increasing your buzz goes down.I also thought that our buzz score goes higher by doing a lot of buzz on my followers and subscribers post.

But the painful thing is that its not the right way.if we do a lot of buzz on subscribers & followers post,our buzz score goes down.Because its against of terms & conditions.

So friends just Buzz the posts of your followers & subscribers only on your HOME.if you have to buzz on your subscribers & followers posts individually,then never buzz posts more than 20.

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