Bitlanders' Web TVs and Overview of Independent Filmmakers' Web TVs

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As we already know about bitlanders and that it compensates its users for posting and submitting original and quality content. They give their advertising revenues back to users and to charities for which this platform was started. As we can see a number of charities and non profit organizations in bitCharities and in charity leaderboard.

Earning from sponsor ads goes to these non profit brands or organizations and to users.

Bitlanders was started as Film Annex. Film Annex was website which was started for filmmakers to grow up their work and earn with with their creativity. Later, they changed to bitlanders and started paying in Bitcoins. However Film Annex is still accessible and you watch videos there.

Below, I'm giving a descriptive view on Web TVs of bitlanders. As it has been a topic for double rewards from fifteen days. These all channels are created by bitlanders with Francesco Rulli and are managed by Film Annex. These are ten channels and are used by many film makers and directors so as to show their work and masterpiece. In the beginning, I added a picture of banners of these Web TV channels.

Before we move on over this topic, I'm giving a short explanation about Web TV.

What is Web TV?

Web TV or internet TV is a class of broadcasting television programs or contents. Unlike normal TV where content is broadcasted and played on TV by an station and TV satellite, web television is displayed through webcast.

 I'm giving an overview of these Web TVs below.

Bravame Web TV

(Image source:

Homepage of Bravame web TV.

Bravame, and independent web television which was founded by Francesco Rulli in 2006 to showcase and present the work of independent filmmakers and actors or directors. These filmmakers or directors from all over the world show their work in form of any web series of shows, making animations, short films or any independent films. 

Channels in Bravame are displayed in this picture.

 A video showing interface of Bravame.

(Video recorded from

If you are not aware of terms independent movies, short films, animations and web TV shows, I'm giving a definition of them here.

Independent Movies

Independent films or movie are professionally made motion picture and created for the most part or totally outside of the normal film studio framework. An story is created, actors, directors and producers play role in different types of works for that movie but these movies are different from commercial films as they are produced in low cost. Independent movies are mostly or sometime not same as significant studio movies by their substance and style as they reflect a greater amount of their executive's creative vision.

They are regularly made with lower spending plan. Most of these movies are released to a limited audience. These are frequently screened at film celebrations before appropriation.

Animated Movies

Animated movies are what made with pictures and static images. Artists create pictures for an animation then play them simultaneously which gives a look of live movie. These types of movies are appealing to most children and kids. Animated movies were started years ago when filmmakers need to add colors manually in their movies or to cut scenes.

Web Series or shows

We are more familiar with this term "series" as it is similar do drama series or those TV shows we watch episode wise in our televisions or in web TVs. In Bravame, you can watch episode wise programs too.

Short Movies

Short films or movies are productions which are created for less than 40 minutes including credits in them. This definition is from Academy of Motion Pictures arts and Science. It is mostly created by new directors or filmmakers for being less expensive.

 Classimatic Web TV

(Image source:

Homepage of Classimatic.

Some of channels of Classimatic.

Classimatic is held by a company MTI USA found in 1995 by Francesco Rulli. This channel is for creating and watching two types of movies. Classic movies which include works and productions from legendary actors and directors like Buster Keaton and Alfred Hitchcock, and classical old cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Betty Boop and Popeye.And other types is public domain movies which include all movies with expired copyright or no legalization.

This web TV gets over 40,000 filmmakers opportunity to bring their good work and masterpiece in less expense. It is due to MTI USA.  which holds Classimatic and brings users and people towards the site.

let me explain about public domain movies that these movies are those which were created by authors and then their license is expired. In this way a use there movies for commercial purpose too.

User interface of Classimatic, channels and movies are shown in this video.

(Video recorded from

Sportivy Web TV

Homepage of Sportivy, in this picture.

Featured movies of Sportivy.

Sportivy is for you If you're sport fan like who is willing to watch matches videos or car races or extreme gaming sport video. You can go to also watch interviews with athletes. Here, you will find videos of sports like football, rugby, cricket and much more sport. In addition to videos of sport you have videos of interviews of athletes.

Similar to Classimatic, it is also held by MIT USA Incorporated. MIT USA has become considerable actor in online video making and distribution since 2005.

Using Sportivy and checking for movies in the video below.

(Video recorded from

Conversaty Web TV


Picture shows Conversaty homepage.

Conversaty featured movies.

Conversaty may look similar to Sportivy in terms of interviews. But remember, this channel is only for interviews of people like actors or famous scientists. You can also find famous business man and women 's interviews. This website is good for learning if you want to learn how to learning how to take interviews.

This too, is held under MIT USA Inc. which provides over 40,000 independent filmmakers for the site.

Looking for videos and website overview is displayed in the video.

(Video recorded from

Comediaty Web TV

Homepage of Comediaty in the picture.

Featured videos in Comediaty.

Comediaty is for you when you're bored of work and need to freshen up your mind. Just enter the URL of Comediaty and watch videos present on the platform. I bet you'll end up laughing and getting a relaxed mind.

As its name says, movies created by independent filmmakers on this platform are only for comedy and tending to make people laugh. You can be entertained by animated movies or short films laughingly.

Website of Comediaty and its interface is shown in this video.

(Video recorded from

Silentyarn Web TV

Homepage of website of Silentyarn.

Featured videos of Silentyarn are shown in this picture.

Silentyarn has a number of independent filmmakers who create or upload classical silent movies. Two of my favorite is A Burlesque On Carmen and A Trip to the Moon. If you're a fan of classical and silent movies, I shall suggest you to watch videos present on Silentyarn. After watching you can sometimes guess a good name or topic of the story of that movie. 

Video showing homepage and movies of Silentyarn.

(Video recorded from

Suspensaty Web TV

 Homepage of Suspensaty is displayed in this image.

Its featured videos are shown in the picture below.

Suspensaty is for grabbing a number of filmmakers and viewers who are towards suspense or thriller movies or such animated films. You can watch heroic thriller films full of suspense or only suspense movies on this platform. Similar with web TVs discussed above, this internet television is held under MIT USA Inc.

Interface of Suspensaty is shown in video.

(Video recorded from

Stories on the Web

Homepage of Stories on the Web is shown in the picture.

Featured movies of this platform are displayed here.

Stories on the Web it self portrays about its theme. By visiting this TV from bitlanders, you will have experience of watching drama series or shows with episodes. Two of my favorites are What to do in job interviews and Ninja Steve. You can have any series of drama or any shows of your interest on that website.

Video of Stories on the Web's website showing its featured movies and interface.

(Video recorded from

Animaty Web TV

Main page or homepage of Animaty can be seen in this image.

Featured movies of Animaty.

Animaty, has a number of classical and independent animated movies. In that web TV, you can have entertainment of watching animated cartoons from independent filmmakers or classical cartoons.

If you have children in your house, I would suggest you go through this web TV; you may find it interesting that a website has only cartoons like Popeye or Tom and Jerry which are still famous in kids.

Short display video for showcasing Animaty's website and movies.

(Video recorded from

Documentaty Web TV

Documentaty's website homepage can be seen in this picture.

Featured movies from filmmakers in Documentaty.

Documentaty is my favorite web TV in bitlanders' web TVs because of its type. You can watch documentary videos about politics, science, sports or issues related to world.

Depending on your purpose of watch this TV, you can watch it for educational purpose, for entertainment, knowing news about world or documentaries over any incidents.

MIT USA hold these ten channels which help filmmakers to find a platform or auditorium to showcase their masterpiece or work done on low cost.

I added a video of playing videos from Documentaty and its featured videos.

(Video recorded from

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