Bitlanders website is Attacked By Anonymous ? ? ?

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HELLO            <<< World >>>

Any one notice some weird thing going on bitlander website ,, we are facing some problem in bitlanders  like  activity log and other bugs ,:>>>>

I Think we are in big trouble ! seriously.

  • I saw last time, there was 3  anonymous users in global chat , and today 5-12-2016 1:15am again there is one anonymous user is online  , Why im worry about them because its not look like a normal user  ,
  •  Normal user profile show only one avator , but these user have 3 avators
  • You can't private chat with them because when you send them message in private chat you will recieve this message "Could not deliver message user has gone offline" but user still there in users online list and The green light is on...

I'm Telling you This is some serious SH**  man

here are some proof Screen shot i take For you guys 

Admins, Moderators , Please Fix this ...


 Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist  Website LIVE





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