Bitlanders Webtelevisions (Introduction )

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Web Televisions

Basically as name indicates that some thing related to web.Its basically a technology  which enables us to view and surf tv channels on web.Internet use to watch these tv because these are online tv channels which have seen by only internet at any time.Web television also know as internet television and their main aimed is to deliver the same television base content lived to the end users .Internet television make it possible to view all contents of television on web on any time recorded or live streaming.


 Bitlanders & Its Web Televisions

Bitlanders rewarding platforms which actually rewards to users and provide helping hands to independent film makers , articles writers and photo graphers .Bitladners is truly amazing platform to encourage all personal works to higher levels and reward their creativity.Best place for all quality works to boast up famousity.

Bitlanders Web Televisions

Bitlanders owns an amazing worldwide network of television which includes their net base web television networks of channels.There are number of channels following different themes which includes sports , documentary  ,comedy and much more.There are 10 different channels of bitlanders so far working and provide entertainment to the world.

Its Impossible to discuss them all here but I tried a lot and share some information regarding these bitlanders channels and their success.


 Independent Films

Independent films are basically produced and directed by big amazing  and famous studios .These short movies are basically a series of films.These Films are very low in budget and low cost movie.Mostly these films are show in festivals instead of cinemas.These short movies are also famous ones.



Bravame is basically one of  bitlanders amazing web tv.This entertainment web tv have collections of of animated as well as independent films about works and also have some collections related to thriller , comedy , drama and much more.


Classimatic is also a part of bitlanders web tvs.These channel dedicated to those who like classic movies and series as well.These movies are amazing past movies collections here.Basically past movies include any kind or topic related are here in this channel.Cartoon movies are also available here.



Sportivy is also a part of bitladners web tv channenls. As name indicates this channel only collection of videos from sports .Matches including almost every sport and interviews of athletes can be seen here.It includes car racing , Judo karate and others sport videos.




Conversaty is also related to bitlanders web channels.This channels have more viewers then others because it have contains videos of interviews of celebrities related to showbiz and other well known business personalities both men and women and sports well known atheltes.This channel full of interesting and amazing videos to watch.If you want to know about personalities its best channel to known them personally.Even their upcoming projects can be seen from that channels...


Comediaty is also part of bitlanders web tvs.As name indicates that comediaty dedicates to movies related to comedy.All short type comedy movies are can be seen from here.I am also a fan of this channel of bitlanders.


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