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On July 2nd 2015, Michael Casey of the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled "BitBeat: How Bitcoin Technology Could Shake Up the Loyalty-Points Business." Mr Casey mentioned bitLanders and our new proprietary technology bitMiles:

"The blogging and video site bitLanders has just launched a “bitMiles” concept where visitors to its site are rewarded in bitcoin-based points for performing various tasks. The underlying amounts of bitcoin are then divided among the user and various charities sponsored by bitLanders."

He also quoted me as follow:

“Thanks to bitMiles, time on the site grew from two to 16 minutes per session,” says bitLanders CEO Francesco Rulli."

This was the first step to announce bitMiles and our proprietary technology that we will be releasing to our corporate clients and partners in September 2015. bitMiles was implemented on bitLanders at the beginning of 2015. Since bitMiles implementation, the bitLanders active users' daily engagement rate grew from 20% to 80%.

Here below is one slide from the bitLanders Gaming for Good presentation to better explain the implementation of our technology:


Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks for reading.


Francesco Rulli

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