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I am definitely thankful to one of my bitlander friends here @Migi for referring me over to this site which is called Bitstars. Just as the site's slogan, May the best selfie win, this site gives the users the power to post their selfies, by the way, filipinos are fond of making or shall I say taking selfie photos using their cameras, either point and shoot camera or smartphones. In this generation, it is more of the smartphones because each person has phones already, most have two or more as well.

So, the creators of this site who are by the way filipinos had just made the right decision.

But anyway, I join this site a few days back and I was able to get the winner of the day post because I got the most number of likes in the photo I had posted which showed me and my niece, Aiesha. I won some mBTC that day and now, I am requesting for a cash out of that amount.

Let's see as to when I will get the bitcoins as they mentioned they will review it within 24 hours.


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