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So the internet has been buzzing over what is the color of the dress seen in the picture above. Is it white gold or is it blue and black? that is the question that's been giving headaches to netizens last weekend. Just to describe it is the work of an optical illusion. Optical illusions are a series of patterns or colors that when viewed by the human eye perceives it as rather moving or changing in color. Now as you see in the original picture seen below

we see that the original color of it is black and blue but when viewed in a rather different light or rather changing the lighting effects via photoshop or whatever image editing tool installed in your computer what we see is what is described in the image above which is white and gold. So what we perceive with our own eyes either makes you wonder or somehow give you a splitting headache for example this clip:


or perhaps this one:


makes you want to split heads right? Well that's all for today oh whatever topics shall I do around next

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