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Wakanda Forever!

After watching the movie at Ayala Centre, all of us has been talking about the possibility of Wakanda being a rich country! Could it be? Well, I can't really tell but what I have in mind is that there is a possibility!

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Anyways, movies are indeed very influential, it has this effect of creating a mental illusion for the audience to be taken into the series of events occurring in the scenes. Just like when we are watching horror movies, we tend to keep those scenes in our mind, we imagine it and even would bring it to our bed when we are about to sleep. Let's say we watch drama, we cry, we feel the emotions and would come to an extent when we think of our own experiences. Of course, it would also matter the acting and the cinematography of the movie for us to really be taken into it.

I know I am not really good with movie reviews, the past attempts had been receiving three stars and so on which is why I somehow avoid movie review blog topics but since Micky-the-Slanted-Salerno is urging us to make these, then I am giving it another try. Let's see the results after a few days!

The Black Panther Story Preview

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Vibranium was the name of the game. The movie focuses on the power this certain element had been giving the country of Wakanda and with it, they can build weapons, an advanced type of aircraft, amazing suit capable of so much power and a lot more! It brought richness and a different level of technology which has never happened in the real world.

With the death of T'Chaka, T'Challa has come to be crowned as King, with only one challenge for the ritual combat which was held in the beautiful waterfalls, T'Challa went through the traditional procedure of becoming the Black Panther.

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However, a pure Wakandan descent whose father was killed by T'Chaka had been living his entire life to get his way towards the crown. He finally got the chance to do so by challenging T'Challa even ended up earning the crown! He had this plan of having Vibranium shared to the world, create super weapons to be available to the outside countries which has the possibility of being abused.

T'Challa, however, ended up with the hands of M'Baku, rescued and even brought back using their heart-shaped herb with a serum which can restore strength, agility, and power of the person taking it,thanks to Nakia. The comeback of T'Challa came into the picture of his people fighting against each other.


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The fight scene between Killmonger and T'Challa was one of a kind, it involved not just themselves but also the environment even Black Panther making use of their technology and Verbanium to finally defeat Killmonger. His last words had really left a mark to me and even to the other viewers:

"Bury me in the ocean. With my ancestors who jumped from the ships...they knew it was better to die than live in bondage." - Erik Killmonger of Black Panther

The movie ended with T'Challa finally opening up the richness of Wakanda to the world.

Movie Review


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If you have seen the movie trailer, you'll definitely get into the hype of seeing advanced technology with flying vehicles, awesome visual and cinematography effects. Marvel does a good job with almost all of their movie trailers and the Black Panther was no exception.

I, however, did watch the trailer only after watching the entire movie on the big screen. My husband's company always has this movie night out with the entire employees whoever are available and I got tagged along with James. We watched the movie without any expectation at all and I was definitely taken into the scenes, (whispering) I always do!


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For me, the movie was a mixture of action, advanced technology, love story, culture, beliefs, tradition, family affair issues and an added sense of humor.

Visual Effects

The visual effects were really jaw-dropping, one of which had me in awe was the possibility of driving cars from a virtual world, like in games! That made me think that they have a strong internet connection because they are able to communicate to different people from a super long distance.

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Shuri played by Letitia Wright was the brain behind every invention and advanced devices used in the movie. She was also T'Challa's younger sister and who designs his costumes and its innate functionality. But I really like how she looks very innocent but with a brilliant mind!

One unforgettable scene was when she showed T'Challa's new costume and asked him to kick it hard, the first kick was really strong and that hit the costume hard it flew to the wall, T'Challa didn't know that it keeps kinetic energy in it and ripples it back, so the second time that he kicked it, he was taken aback! We had a good laugh when he mentioned to take the video down as Shuri was filming him.

Girl Power

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What I really like about it is the presence of women. Girl power had been really evident in this film. There were mighty Wakandan warriors, there was an all-female force of fighters led by Ayo and Okoye. I was really taken into the fight scene actions by Okoye and Ayo at the casino was outstanding!

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Black Panther movie had been also dependent on women, it can be seen from the family with T'Challa being dependent on his sister's technology, then to his loyal fighters too! True enough, the king can't be a king without a queen!

The romantic side of the event was Nakia and T'Challa. It seems like he has this weakness in terms of his love affair. But they still ended up together afterward.

Traditional Scenes

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I am not sure if there's really such certain act in the Wakandan culture where before a king is crowned, a specific ritual combat has to be performed first. The dances and other cultural actions done throughout the entire movie was something that the entire world should be appreciative of.

The fight against each other was really a striking scene, it brings a strong message to the audience as well as the entire world. Ryan Coogler had really made it possible for all the different scenes and actions to come together and create this beautiful story of heart-pumping action and a taste of culture and connectivity.

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For me, this movie filled with good action, close to perfection visual impressions and animation, its an eye-opener, something that we can learn a lot of lessons from especially in terms of the world issue about racism. I would highly recommend that one should watch this on the big screen so you can really see the great effects and actions.

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