Blackheads, GO AWAY!!

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Have you experienced having a blackheads?? I bet, YES.
BLACKHEADS are one of the most common problem on us,
we can get this through pollution, oily faces, improper beauty products.

I have my own way on how to cure this unwanted blackheads,
this easy and affordable.
All you need is a

yes, that's right, THAT'S ALL. 

first, you need to wash your beautiful face and wipe with a towel.
make your baking powder a paste using the water.
rub it on the affected area. 
Live for 2-3 minutes then wash it with clean water.
You can repeat this 4 times a week.

Baking powder can help us lessen the sebum that can also be the cause of blackheads.
So now, say GOOD BYE to your blackheads and HELLO beautiful face! :)


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