Bliss of Solitude!!

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I love solitude & being self-contained. Many may laugh at me & label me as a shade introvert, but I have reasons to laugh it off.
               I am of the view that even two persons together make a crowd. Every single person is an entity, different in all respects from fellow beings. Therefore, missing with others doesn’t result in homogeneous mixture instead one loses one’s own identity & the result is miserable.
               I am of view that crowd has direct bearing on your vigour. Your power to excel diminishes & is outshining by the influence of others, may over-power you with their views. You, in solitude may in can ponder over your potentials, dive deep to seek & find your hidden potentials & you only can improve upon these raw traits. Solitude offers you ample time to assess your achievements in life, to value your short coming & to mend those for the best.
             We already have momentary existence. Time always slips through our hands no matter how firmly we are confining it. Therefore, sitting in a company too often is wasting the time available to us. More often we indulge in useless & frivolous talks yielding nothing. In the words of Shakespeare:
                          “NOTHING comes out of NOTHING”

             Mediation cannot be done in a crowd. It demands peace of mind & tranquillity of soul. History is replete with examples where mediation & contemplation done in solitude connected the individual even with God Almighty.
            Last but not the least; solitude saves us from numerous sins against our fellow being. It proves to be a blessing in disguise for hiding our shortcomings. One’s real personality is exposed when one deserts solitude & comes in contact with the crowd. Therefore, solitude is a great blessing.

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