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We will be removing the following wallets on February 15th, 2015. Once removed, we will not be able to retrieve your funds. Please remove all coins ASAP. Note, that some of these coins have broken blockchains where we will not be able to send coins.

We have flagged and warned on these wallets for at least 30 days and no exceptions will be made once the wallets are removed.

SymbolCoin Name
ANC AnonCoin
AXR Axron
BIG BigBullion
BURN BurnerCoin
DCN DeepCoin
DEAF DeafDollars
DIME DimeCoin
DSB DarkShibe
FLEX FlexibleCoin
FRSH FreshCoin
GANJA GanjaCoin
GB GreenBacks
GLOW GlowCoin
HIC HawaiiCoin
LKNX InkwayCoin
MCL MiracleCoin
MOB MobCoin
NET NetCoin
NMB Nimbus
NOPE NopeCoin
NUD NewUniversalDollar
PYRA PyramidsCoin
REKT RektCoin
SHADE ShadeCoin
TAC TalkCoin
TECH TechCoin
UROD UroDark
VAULT VaultCoin
VIK VikingCoin
VLTY VolatilityCoin
VOOT VootCoin
WWC WorldWideCoin
XBOT SocialXBot

If you have coins in these wallets, please remove them by that date. Coin retreival after the removal date will not be possible.

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