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i’m a big fan of aliens and until these years i’m still fascinated if they are for real. i have read hundred of books, watch a lot of movies. still scientist can really show a good evidence that they do exists. it’s like we have faith in God and Satan even we don’t see them around. there are lots of studies conducted on some amazing structures on earth believed to be their creation.

i think this aliens do exists as like gods and other beings. well, hard to believe if you can’t see them live but their are relics found all over the earth that it proves they do exists and once roam our planet. just like in the case of jesus, he might have been around as the evidence show it but it’s really hard for me to believe that he really exists and show powers to some other earlier forms of life.

science cannot really prove this theories and show that they are authentic if they will not spare sometime to know the facts that these entity have been around and they are part of earlier life form on earth.

i’m careful on judging as i haven’t seen any proof that they do exists. this is like saying that god is just around but they haven’t shown their true identity and real existence and power. for now we are in a sea of questions which is waiting to be answered as we go along with our daily life.

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