Blog 003: I Always Dreamed of Being a Good Musician

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I always dreamed of becoming a good musician. I dreamed of playing my guitar with high proficiency. I always play my guitar if I'm given a chance. Play a keyboard if I see one. Always do air drumming and hum a tune if I'm not doing anything. One of my greatest creations is "Severe Metastasis", and maybe another one to keep an eye on is . These one-man powered metal bands that only exists in mind are now becoming a reality. These band's music is created by me alone with the aid of musical instrument and computer. I do all the backtrack and vocal attacks. All the music editing,mixing and the producing. I'm proud to say that I have released a handful of releases over the past years. I hope that you visit my site if you have spare time with you. To all people of Bitlanders who  appreciates metal music, you need to click the links that I have mentioned earlier. I wish that you will throw some of your precious time to browse my Facebook pages and sites. Thanks in advance.






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Jose Godofredo Tuliao is the man behind the metal bands like Severe Metastasis, Soulcrusher, StormTroopers, Haemangioma and Andromeda Blood. Jose is the owner of the underground metal label BeyondtheGrave Records( ).For some news, please visit for any band related news and articles. I make this Bitlanders account to connect…

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