Blog 0041: My Experiences here in Bitlanders

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I have been on this site for around 9 months and the first time that I read about this site from Symbianize Forum, a local forum in the Philippines, I admit that I expect a lot from this site. Besides the fact that they pay bitcoins. This is a good monetary fee. Well, there are people saying in the forum that they have around $2000 revenue! 

This is a big fortune for such an ordinary citizen here in the Philippines. I tell you honestly my full-time job will not come close if this is a real figure for a month. Gone are the days and still I'm still asking the questions how those people made a quick fortune on this site. I admit that while I'm on this site. Maybe I just made around $60 in my mainstay here writing for blogs and posting tons of photos and microblogs. 

I don't know if I will stay for a while and try to make some more bitcoins. For now, I invest all the coins that I received here in a bitcoin investment site and hoping that I can make more satoshis in the coming months and years.

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