Blog 0042: Bitlanders Chat Box REVIEW;

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I logged in Bitlanders this morning and see the new feature of Bitlanders. Finally they introduce a chat box for users to get more social to each other. Well, i'm so excited and tried it myself. But in my opinion the chat is just an amateurish chat box. There are lots of missing features. i hope they will incorporate the stickers here. They will allow smileys as in yahoo messenger or skype maybe. This is too far from the chat box of facebook. There are people who just post some spam messages all over the chat box. 

I hope that they can give this some features just like a part where we can chat to a person in private maybe. This is somewhat advance but this will prevent some users just spamming the whole chat with just senseless messages.

I hope that in the future,the site will also put a ticket system which will make it easier to reach the site admin to report some account's related questions. i know there are quite few site admin but they should make some cool features in a way that they will help new users and also in such a way that they can generate more income to the site but giving the users a smooth and more memorable experience. 

I think having the chat box is the first step to a more social site but please add more features and give some limits in posting in the general chat just to make it more fun to interact with other online users.

All in all, i want to thank Bitlanders for giving a more interesting feature and functionality to their site. kudos to all of you guys. This is good but you can make it better i'm sure.

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