BLOG #10: Marrying A Family

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When you decide to marry someone, you are not just marrying that person you love but the entire family, relatives and friends.  Remember when a guy courts a girl, he's courting not just the girl but the family as well.  When they decide to get married, they are marrying each other's family.


Think a thousand times about the consequences of your actions.  It's sad to know that some, if not most, are treating marriage as the next step.  Don't take every relationship for granted.  Marriage is a sacred thing.  It's a pact bound between you and God.  You married a girl because you got her pregnant?  Why do that in the first place if you don't want to face the consequence of your actions?  Then in the end all you get is discouragement, hurt, and possibly hate.


When you marry, stay married.  Marry someone you really love and the one you would spend your lifetime with because you love him/her.  Don't marry for the sake of marrying.  Marry for the sake of your love to that person you married.


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