BLOG #117: TBs and more TBs

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Below are my earnings for the past three days:

You may notice that every day the my bonus is consistently getting low.  Yesterday has been that drastically low because I was not able to do much here in bitlanders for I was away.  Also, I was not able to do my quest.  It is only now that I finished the quests.  By doing the quests from yesterday's and then doing the quests again later today, that will add more buzzes.  Hopefully, I can do the quests before the treasure box arrives later today.

I checked my base buzz score and I am glad that although it was down by 1, (80 is my highest base buzz so far) I was able to maintain that base buzz.  So it is the direct powerup (+) that is really affected.  Doing the quests really helps.

It's also good to know that the daily buzz bonus is adding up again.  I hope it will not reset next week.  Or is that the new bitlanders scheme - it resets every week?

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