BLOG #139: When the nose does not know

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Anosmia according to this site is the total loss of smell.  Hyposmia on the other hand is a partial loss of smell.

What are the things you like to smell?  I mean literally.  Definitely the good ones, right?  Good perfume, the aroma of mouth-watering cooking, the smell of freshness, anything fragrant.

But how about those who does not have that kind of sense?  They say that there is an interaction or relationship between taste and smell.  So what you cannot smell you taste it?

Look at the picture below.  Do you know what it is?

That is a picture of Pomelo buds and flowers.  I was out hanging my laundry the other day when I smelled something fragrant.  I thought it was the clothes I washed but it wasn't.  The smell I was smelling was more fragrant and natural, unlike the fabric conditioner that has somewhat of a sterile smell.

I looked for flowers around and saw our Pomelo tree heavy laden with buds and flowers.  I did not know that Pomelo flowers emit fragrance.  To my delight, I hurriedly finished my hanging of clothes and got my camera and started shooting these babies.

This got me thinking how blessed we are that we have the sense of smell.  How can we describe such smell to those who cannot smell it?  If taste is related to smell, should we feed them the flowers then?

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