BLOG #167: Giving Back (Girl2B, Women's Annex, Digital Citizen Fund, Right to Play, Girls Going Global, NYC Master Chorale)

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I was browsing pictures that I have screen captured from bitlanders when I come across the one above.  It was dated March 11, 2015.  So it was a month ago that I gave donations but forgot to made a blog about it.  It's only now that I have come across it so I posted it here.

It's interesting that I don't I see that now in the list of charities.

Yesterday, I received this:

Girl2B Foundation is dedicated in helping girls grow, live and learn.  Learn more about the foundation here.

A few days ago, I also gave donations to the other charities as seen below:

Digital Citizen Fund

NYC Master Chorale

VH1 Save the Music Foundation

Girls Going Global

Right to Play Foundation

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