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It was Jie who wrote about him one time (thanks for the correction Riza). 

As you already have noticed, Manny the Movie Guy or Manny dela Rosa is always featured in the homepage.  He is always interviewing Hollywood celebrities.

In one of his videos, he interviewed the cast of The Proposal.  It was a behind-the-scenes video or bloopers if you will and it shows there how funny Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are on and off camera.  I laughed how Ryan commented about Manny's shirt and how Sandra Bullock pointed out Manny lying about the shirt.

In that video, Manny said he was born and raised in the Philippines.  According to his bitlanders bio, he is a multi-Emmy award-winning film critic.

Here's a link to the interview bloopers.

I did a little research on Google about Manny and it turns out he is a correspondent for TFC or The Filipino Channel and he is part of Balitang America, an ABS-CBN international channel.

Read his description in this clip.  You can also visit his website


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