BLOG #188: Chil Cheon Gak

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Chil Cheon Gak is another Korean restaurant in Baguio City.  This is located along Legarda Road, Baguio City just where Lindi Hotel is.  It is under a new management now.  They used to be located on the second floor of the hotel.  Now they are located on the first floor which is more accessible and has more exposure to people.

The picture above was taken using my phone and collaged at PicMonkey.  That is the left over of the Beef and Pork Samgyeopsal that we ate. Samgyeopsal is either sliced pork or beef grilled in a hot plate along with onions and garlic.  You either eat that dipped in sesame oil or what other dips available.  You can also place a portion of the meat on a lettuce leaf and roll it, adding a little bit of the side dish they provide and then eat it.  You can also eat this with rice.

I don't eat pork so I like coming here whenever I want to eat beef samgyeopsal.  Beef is more expensive than pork that's why only a few restaurants offer beef samgyeopsal.

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