BLOG #201: Song remakes or covers

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With the advent of technology specifically videos, easy and free access to internet, coupled with enough materials to cover a song, voila! you are a star!

YouTube and other sharing sites boosted a lot of singers, artists, and musicians.  Everyone is a musician now but not everyone is great.  I can say a lot of bad or negative stuff about others but I'd rather not.

What I like about it though is that you find people with talents who have different styles.  Also, I like those who cover popularized songs by other artists and give twists and adding their personality into it.

When a new song comes out, I wait a few months or even weeks before searching for a cover of that song.  Most often than not, there are better covers than the original.

Now, this is a song by Ellie Goulding.  I am sure you have heard of Love Me Like You Do.  There are those who even dubsmashed this one.

The video below is a cover by Twenty One Two.  What I like about this is the pop rock edge to it.  Getting used to that genre is what makes me like this.  The voice, the faster pace, the drums and guitar appealed to me.  This is the version I like the most.

There are also covers that I love moments in them.  It could be a shift in voice or pitch, a slur here and there that also makes me like a cover - something different that sounds good.  Here in this cover, although the video is not that good, the voice is okay though.  The best part for me starts around 2:07.  I still have to find a good pop rock cover of this song by John Legend.  This is a cover by RollUpHills of the song All of Me.


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