BLOG #202: To go to college or not?

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That is an excerpt taken from an article in Time.  Although that was a study done in US, it seems to hold true here in the Philippines too.  I don't know if that applies to some countries.  The article cited some differences between a college degree holder vs those who didn't finish college or didn't even go to college.

The cost of going to college is getting expensive and more expensive as the years go by.  Although there are some institutions and other means to help you in your finances, like scholarships, grants, etc, still it's not enough to cover your other expenses.  One thing more, not all those scholarships are applicable to your choice of degree.

Talking about choices, that is one of the factors that affects would be college students.  Some are forced to take what they wanted due to peer pressure - either it's what the parents wanted or it's most of the friends wanted to take and you should take it too.  Of course, realizing it too late when you are midway through or almost through your course, then you shift or quit.

One other thing is that you only realize after graduation that the choice you took is not marketable anymore or there are too much of you in that professional that being employed is almost impossible.  So, you work in a profession that is not even related to what you took.  Others succeeded in other professions and others have not.

Choices.  Choices.  Choices.

In this time and age where everything shifts and moves too quickly, be ready to change with it.  Be skilled.  Learn different skills unrelated to what you have learned in college.  There are those undergrads who are technically skilled who earn more than those who have graduated in college.  Most of undergrads have the same jobs as college graduates do - making those who went to college wish they shouldn't have gone to college instead.

Choices.  Choices.  Choices.

Make the right choice.  Be guided with that is marketable or not.  Be in the know.


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