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They call this place Tambobong White Beach.  I call it little paradise.

This place is located at Dasol, Pangasinan.  It's an eight-hour travel from Baguio.  We had to take bus from Baguio to Dagupan and then take a bus in Dagupan going to Sta. Cruz.  We then stopped at Burgos to hire a tricycle going to Dasol.  The roads are bumpy and some parts are only paved.  They said they have a salt-making place here but we haven't had the chance to visit it yet.  Dasol is a quiet and small town where the people know each other.  They are one of the kindest people I have ever met.  Their way of life is simple but fulfilling.  You can see from their faces that they are content with life.  They are happy people here.

Although in reality it's not that white sand, it's more of a cream-colored sand.  There are some parts of the stretch of this beach that has white sand but not all.  The sands here are fine.  This beach is located in a cove where the water is shallow and gets shallower during low tide.

This is my second time to come here and it's still worth the trip.  This time we stayed at Camp Isabel.  This is a new place set up just this year.  They only have two huts for now but the basic needs are there like toilet, shower room, a place to wash your dishes or cook, etc.  What we did is ask for the owner to cook us food instead.  We bought the food we want to eat and they cooked it for us - with fee of course.

The picture below is the owner of Camp Isabel.  His name is Claro.  He served as our runner, boatman, tour guide, etc.  He is very accommodating and really kind.  He let us use the two huts since they don't have any other guests that time.  We only paid the price of one hut.

There are some places to see in Dasol but the main attraction is the Snake Island or Calibra Island or more locally known as Pulo Island.  This is just a small island.  You can go around it in minutes.  The sand here is finer and whiter.

After a few hours of swim there, we made a side trip to Crocodile Island.  This island was named because of the shape of rocks that formed like the shape of a crocodile.  It's a challenge to go to this place because the waves were strong that time due to the storm Amang.  We were thankful the storm did not hit that place that time.

We really had a nice time enjoying the view and rediscovering things within these rock formations.  It's quite tricky getting to those rocks for the rocks are sharpened by the time and tide.  What is noticeable during that time are the starfish.  They are of abundance that time and we had fun taking pictures of them.

I must say that this is a better time than the last we were there.  I hope to visit again and wonder what else this place has to offer.  In 5-10 years' time maybe this place will be added with resorts here and there as this place is starting to be known.  For people in search for other places to go, this is the right place for you.

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