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Mad Max: Fury Road

I haven't seen the original Mad Max movie to compare this to.  However, I liked how cool this one turned out to be. Tom Hardy, the one who played Max, has few dialogue here but that is understandable from someone who is haunted by people from his past, dead people from his dark past.  In a world where natural resources are limited, one's main objective is to survive either alone or be a slave to cruel leaders.

I find it cool that there is a guitarist who rocks the group that pursues Max and his group.  It is sort of like the band who played during the war in the olden days.  Also, the landscape is somehow pleasing to the eyes.  The stunts, action, twists and plot keep you hooked to the movie.


The trailer of this movie and the movie itself is good.  I was expecting more of the story though.  It felt like there should be more that needs to be told and did the idea or plan of the main character worked.  However, what it lacked in story, it makes up for the CGI and other effects.

It offers a message that we should make a move to change the world and make it a better place.  We should take care of this home we call earth.  A lot of bad things are happening that leads to destruction but we should do something about it so that will not happen.

We talk of the future, of a better place, that everything will be okay in the future - but what are we doing now? What we do today affects what happens in the future.  Make the best of today because it is what shapes our future.

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