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What bitlanders Does To You

What is bitlanders to me?  For the past months that I have been here in bitlanders, here are some of the things I consider bitlanders to be.

Meet New People

Obviously, this is the first thing that comes to mind.  This is the main reason why people join sites like bitlanders - to meet people.  You get to connect internationally as far as technology and internet and the country allows.  Join bitlanders and meet it's 500,000+ users and that number increases daily.

Find New Friends

Virtual friends are easy to find just like in the real world.  Sometimes it's easier to find people who share the same interests as you.  Among the thousands of members of biltanders, you may find good friends.  Sharing your interests, ideas, likes and dislikes here in bitlanders will help you find new friends.  If you want to find good friends, be one.


In this article you will find the list of top 15 sites that are most popular as of this date.  I am not familiar with most of them.  Obviously, Facebook comes in first.  However, does Facebook share their revenues to its users?  The answer is a big fat NO.  Some make money online through Facebook pages by selling stuff or other services but Facebook paying them directly?  I haven't heard of it yet.  This is where bitlanders is better with.  Bitlanders pays you in bitcoin or in US dollars, depending on your preference.  Some ways to earn are:

  • Log in every day
  • Submit content for review (except microblog)
  • Donate in bitcharities
  • Buy items from the shop that have additional bonus


Because you want others to know what your interests are and for you to share your ideas, bitlanders brings out the resourcefulness in you.  You try to find videos and/or pictures that you think might interest others.  You always find things to share.  You blog thoughts and ideas.

Be Adventurous

Because sharing all about you is not enough, you share things outside of your home.  You explore new places, try new things, hunt for some new place to eat/dine.  You always seek out for something new.  What better way to share than to experience things.

Get creative

The best way to bring out your creativity is be original.  It is encouraged here in bitlanders that you should share your original blogs, videos and pictures.  You can improve your writing skills through blogging.  You can even develop new skills through photography and videography.  Now that the selfie generation is being enabled through the use of gadgets, it is now easy to share your other talents and skills.  You can write all about them or show evidence through pictures and videos.

Fun and Entertainment

To socialize is to have fun and be entertained.  That is what bitlanders offers.  You find stuff here that piques your interests - from fun to funny to amazing to mind-blowing stunts and stuff.  You will have fun socializing and enjoying your time here in bitlanders.


The one thing that I really appreciate the most about bitlanders is it promotes selflessness through bitcharities.  It promotes awareness about the needs of others and gives you opportunity to help and to give by donating to these charities.

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