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Billy Joe Crawford or Billy Crawford is a multi-talented person that the Philippine entertainment has.  He is a dancer, singer, songwriter, choreographer, actor, model and a host.  Currently, he is hosting different Philippine TV shows namely It's  Showtime, Your Face Sounds Familiar, ASAP, Pilipinas Got Talent and Celebrity Playtime.  He does certain appearances every now and then in other TV shows as well.

(Source:  Google)
(Source:  Google)



Born to a Filipina mother and an American father, Billy Crawford spent some years of his life in the Philippines before going abroad at the age of 11.  Even though he is with ABS-CBN right now, he started his career at a very young age with GMA Network.  He was a regular act in an afternoon show of GMA Network called That's Entertainment.  He goes by the name of Billy Joe then.  He only did not do TV shows and guesting but he also acted and appeared in some movies such as:

  1. Sandakot na Bala
  2. Lost Command
  3. Pahiram ng Isang Umaga
  4. Everlasting Love
  5. Dine Dinero
  6. Eh Kasi Bata

He won the award for Best Child Actor when he was 6 years old in his role as Chad in the movie Pahiram ng Isang Umaga.



In the 1995 MTV Awards, Billy Crawford was one of the backup dancers for Michael Jackson's Dangerous live performance.  He was only 14 then.  In the video below, you can spot Billy Crawford on the first few minutes of the performance.  Billy is a huge Michael Jackson fan.  He is lucky to have danced onstage with Michael Jackson - the King of Pop.

Since leaving the Philippines at the age of 11, he spent most of his life in the US and Europe.  He is known as Billy Crawford then, changing it from Billy Joe as he was called then in the Philippine entertainment.  He studied at Professional Children’s School and at the Professional Performing Arts School in New York.  He started a music career in UK, Paris and Asia.  He released five albums, one EP and one live DVD album.

His five albums are:

  • Billy Crawford - released in 1999 when he was 15.
  • Ride - released in 2001.
  • Big City - released in 2004.
  • It's Time - released in 2007.
  • Groove - released in 2009.

His EP Sky is the Limit was released in May 21, 2013 under Jackpot Records.  He released his Big City Tour Live in 2005 and it was directed by Michel Jankielewicz.

In 2001, his song Trackin from his second album Ride pushed his music career to the top.  It was a huge success in Europe.

In 2007, he came back to the Philippines and did a reality show called MOVE: The Search for Billy Crawford's Pinoy Dancers.  The show originally planned searching for six dancers but ended up having seven dancers namely Darcy Godoy, JM Vergara, Aizel Moñeva, AJ Sarate, Jobel Dayrit, Daniel Agbisit and Mich Garong.  The show was under GMA Network.  With seven talented dancers, the concert was held successfully at Araneta Coliseum.  Billy then returned back to the US after his concert.

In 2008, he came back to the Philippines again and this time chose to sign up with ABS-CBN becoming a regular host at ASAP, a Sunday TV show of ABS-CBN.  He also hosted the reality show Pinoy Dream Academy that year.  This is a reality show of ABS-CBN where it involves singing.



Since then, he became a host of different shows including Pilipinas Got Talent alongside Luis Manzano.  Both he and Luis Manzano won the award Best Talent Search Program Host.  The show is now on it's fifth season.



He also starred in Filipino movies like Moron 5 released in 2012, Moron 5.2 released in 2014 and Momzillas released in 2013.


Celebrity Playtime

This is the newest show of ABS-CBN that Billy Crawford is hosting right now.  This first aired in September 26, 2015.  This is shown every Saturday.  Your knowledge in songs and in acting and guessing is tested here.



In this show, there are two teams consisting of eight players in each team who compete against each other.  They play various games where in they race to earn PHP100,000.  They play different minigames wherein they earn 1 or 2 points depending on the game mechanics.  After three games, the scores are tallied.  The team with the most points wins and moves on to the jackpot round entitled Lights, Camera, Act-Song.  In the jackpot round, one representative from the team will guess what song his teammates are acting out.  The one who guesses wears a noise-cancelling headset.  The teammates who will act out the song are not allowed to speak.  It's like charade, if you're familiar with the game.  They should guess 10 songs within two minutes.

The first two teams the show had were Team  Familiar and Team Deal.  Team Familiar were the contestants of the first season of Your Face Sounds Familiar while Team Deal consists of celebrities from Deal or No Deal.

Team Familiar consists of Melai Cantiveros, Karla Estrada, Edgar Allan Guzman, and Nyoy Volante.

(Team Familiar with host Billy Crawford.  From left to right, Karla Estrada, Edgar Allan Guzma, Billy Crawford, Nyoy Volante and Melai Canteveros.  Source:  starcinema)


Team Deal on the other hand consists of Dennis Padilla, Long Mejia, Eric Nicolas, and Epy Quizon

(Team Deal from left to right: Eric, Nicolas, Epy Quizon, Long Mejia and Dennis Padilla.  Source:  Google)


This is a fun show to watch because the contestants and the host are having so much fun.  These group of people makes you laugh with their antics and their personality.  All of them have fun, funny and crazy personality.  Put them in one room and it's chaos.

(Source:  Google)


(Source:  Google)


This is a show full of energy.  The energy that the players and the host bring to the show is infectious.  It will make you laugh from the start to end.  There is also that excitement of guessing the word or the song.



Your Face Sounds Familiar

Another localized TV show that Billy Crawford hosts is Your Face Sounds Familiar.  This is now on its second season.

(Source:  starcinema)

(Source:  Google)


In this show, celebrities sing and compete with each other not as themselves but to impersonate iconic singers.  The show consists of 8 celebrity contestants and 3 judges who also make it big in the music industry.  The contestants will sing,dance and act like the famous singer they are supposed to be.




The first season was aired last March 14, 2015 and it started with Nyoy Volante, Tutti Caringal, Maxene Magalona, Jolina Magdangal, Karla Estrada, Edgar Allan Guzman, Melai Cantiveros, and Jay-R.

The contestants undergo vocal training and coaching, dance training and coaching and make up and prosthetic to be as believable as the icon they are impersonating.  They impersonate whoever the iconizer assigns them, a button that randomly selects an icon.

Each week for 12 weeks, the contestants will impersonate an icon.  They are judged and given points and the one with the highest point each week will be awarded PHP100,000, half of which goes to the charity of the winner's choice.  The grand prize of PHP 2 million will be halved too, half to the winner and half to charity.

(Source:  Google)

The first season's winner was Melai Cantiveros.  She impersonated local and foreign icons like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Blakdyak, Andrew E, Elizabeth Ramsey, Nora Aunor, Jay of Kamikazee, Jolina Magdangal, Fred Panopio, etc.  

Melai Cantiveros will return to Your Face Sounds Familiar not as a contestant but as a non-competitor impersonator and host alongside Billy Crawford.


The second season already started last September 12, 2015.  This seasons contestants are: 

  1. Denise Laurel
  2. Sam Concepcion
  3. Michael Pangilinan
  4. Eric Nicolas
  5. Kakai Bautista
  6. Myrtle Sarrosa
  7. Kean Cipriano
  8. KZ Tandingan

(Source:  Google)

These contestants are transformed week after week proving their versatility and talent in acting, dancing and singing.  They are judged by the returning judges of season 1:  Jed Madela, Gary Valenciano and Sharon Cuneta.



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