BLOG #25: This is it

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A 5/5 rating for my Sea Escape blog is a good motivation to start the day.  This is a blog about my second trip in Dasol, Pangasinan.  The blog is worth the 10 gems I spent on that.

Upon logging in earlier, I was met with the fierce look of Ms. Hillary.  I hope there is a better picture if you got a higher rating for your blogs - the higher the rating, the more pleasant look.  There is a surprise and anxious feeling and at the same time excitement every time I see her and her reviews.

Here goes:

There was supposed to be one more but I forgot to print and save.  What did I do? Aside from use of simple words, I also posted photos.  Be sure to post photos that you think are interesting.  Aside from that, I tagged relevant tags, generic and specific as what Ms. Hillary stated.  Those really helped me in making this blog 5/5.

Here is my bonus for that:



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