BLOG #30: Rank and Buzz

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Question of the day:  Any ideas how the buzzes are converted to bitcoin?

I always log out every night before the treasure box arrives.  Only when I have enough time do I stay and wait for the treasure box.  Also, I noticed that when the time for treasure box nears, I get errors in this site.  I guess maybe because of these:

That is something new and I wonder what it means.  Can somebody explain?  How is that converted to bitcoin?

Also, I find it interesting how the ranking in the leaderboard goes.  One day I will be at Rank 6 or somewhere lower or higher than that and then the next day I will be at Rank 2 again.  I will be there for a few days only to be go down the board for one day and the cycle repeats.

I am really curious as to why that happens.  Some members will be up the board today and then down 5 or 6 or lower the next day.

Anyhoo, I am really more interested in the image above more than the ranking as I don't pay much attention about the leaderboard as long as I am able to maintain my base buzz and daily bonus.

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