BLOG #31: Stats So Far

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That is my score as of this day.  The highest score I got so far is this:

This was as a result of me submitting blogs for review.  Getting a 5-star rating on your blogs really helps.  Read this blog if you haven't checked it out yet for tips.  More here and here.  Do what Hillary (the content reviewer) wants you to do and you will not fail in earning 5 stars.

There are no more pending blogs for me however.  I am waiting for the reviews on the photos I have submitted to know what to improve.  I still have no response from Hillary yet.  I bide my time in submitting another gallery for review because I thought the worth of gems will still be the same.  I should have just submitted and submitted until probably all my gems are gone.  Currently, I am on the 40 gems worth if I do plan to submit anything for review again.

It would be good if the worth of buzz points will go up too or the duration of that will be extended to 10 days or more as the worth of gems increases.  I think that would be fair.  What do you think #bitLanders?

This is my highest bonus so far and I hope to earn this again.

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