BLOG #34: Giving Back (SMC)

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If you have read my "Giving Back" blog, then this is the second part of that.  I just cashed out two days ago but this time I chose bitcoin payment.

SMC is the next charity on the list.  According to this link it is a non-profit, tax exempt entity to be formed in Southampton, New York.  The organization is even a member of this site under the name of Smmc.  They have posted videos there about this organization.

Once again, thank you bitLanders.  Thank you my subscribers, buzzers and commenters for your unending support.  Thank you for willingly being a part of this paying it forward.  I hope that in the future, bitLanders will support other charities so that we can give them some too.  Little as this may be, let's hope and pray that it will go a long way.


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