BLOG #80: Hitting 60

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Hitting 60

This is my highest + points so far.  I thought I will not reach that today but I just noticed it and it made me smile.  It gives you a fulfilling feeling.  There's nothing wrong in wanting more sometimes if you really work for it and then when you achieve that you work for it some more.

 I was thinking of entitling this blog as "This is PinoyLanders" because the chart is being dominated by Pinoys and that makes me smile again.  I saw that there were more than 500,000 users here in bitLanders.  I still can't believe that I belong on the top.

Making it there is like driving a bus.  You don't just drive and never stop.  You have to stop and let people ride in your bus and you get paid and at the same time getting to your destination.  If you drive straight without stopping, then you might get lucky if there are those who can catch on your speed and ride you.

So stop and let others ride in your bus.  You do that by visiting and commenting relevant comments on other's.  You buzz and share their posts.  Doing that will help them and also help yourself.

This was my earnings yesterday.  I am curious as to what treasure box I will get today.


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